7 Easy Steps on Automatic Gate Opener Maintenance

You will agree with me that, an automatic gate opener is the heart of any secured house. Therefore, automatic gate opener maintenance is crucial to keep your gate working smoothly during the whole year.

They are usually exposed to extreme weather conditions, changes in temperatures, and other natural intruders such as pest and mice.

The good news is that smart gate opener maintenance is easy and inexpensive. In some cases, you might hire some professional technicians for a deep periodical service once or twice a year. However, a simple routine of 7 easy steps can save you from many headaches about it while protecting your wallet.

Select Your Tools and Materials

Pick a good quality lubricant. One of the most important steps of the automatic gate opener maintenance is the lubrication. But remember that there are many types available in the market. Therefore, pick one that goes well with the material of the pieces you will have to lubricate and make sure it is a real lubricant.

Some products may claim they are lubricants but they might just be some sort of deep cleaner. Sometimes gate opener specifications can give you recommendations about the type of lubricant you should buy. In addition, you can also ask professionals to recommend you the best choice.

Cloths and Cleaning Products

At some point, you will have to clean some of the parts and you will need one or two cloth to complete the task. You might also require a soft sponge depending on the type of gate opener. Other parts might require some soft soapy products too, so keep at hand a soft soap.


Although basic gate opener maintenance, it is common that you have to pen some parts to lean or lubricate properly.

Clean the Arm

Most of the times, the arms are exposed to all kind of weather conditions, such as rain, sun, extreme heat or cold. Their function is to protect the mechanism. Because of it, they may accumulate all kind of dirt, dust, and even get attached little animals such as spiders, rests of mice or insects. To clan this surface, you only need to use a soft cloth and use a soft soapy solution if necessary.

Lubricate Internal Parts

This is the most important part of maintenance an automatic gate opener. Depending on the type of system, you must lubricate it as follows:

  • Screw Drive System: The first piece to be lubricated is the screw driving. That piece is usually installed inside the tube. However, you don’t always need to disassemble it. Many models have tiny little holes to add the lubricant. To get to the holes you would only need to detach a coverage by using a screwdriver.
  • Belt Drive System: For this system, you should apply spray lubricant to the belt and all movable parts.
  • Chain Drive System: In this case, you must add lubricant to the chain.

Lubricate External Parts

You also need to add some lubricant to the arm. This piece is always working and need to run smoothly. You can add it by using a soft cloth or with a spray. Finally, add some lubricant to the hinges and brackets. Although they are not part of the gate opener, they surely play a crucial role to let it work properly.

In addition to the above, consider buying two types of lubricant. For instance, the arms would go better with a silicon-based lubricant and the screw driving would go better with a more-oily solution. If you can afford it, opt for heat and water-resistant lubricants.

Check the Battery

Open the battery box and check the condition of the battery. Some batteries may accumulate rust and corrosion in the switch and electrical connections.

If you find any, clean the terminals. After that, clean the rolling and bearing surfaces and add them some grease. In addition, check the battery life. If you suspect that the battery is getting out of charge, it is time to remove it and test it in an auto parts store.

Some new models work with solar energy. In such cases, the solar gate opener maintenance must include the cleaning of the solar panel. To do so, you only need to use a wet cloth with a soapy solution.

Check the Remote Control

Remote controls are an essential part of any gate opener.  Consequently, they require to be considered too. Firstly, you should check the battery by trying opening and closing the door. After that, you can open the equipment and clean it if necessary.

Test the Gate

After completing the steps 1 to 6, proceed to test the gate. This is the perfect time to verify if there is any noise or other malfunction that affects the gate.


In conclusion, if you clean, lubricate, and take care of your remote control periodically, the maintaining automatic gate opener will bring you the highest benefits. The key is not to wait too long between one maintenance and another.

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