Universal Remote for Mighty Mule Gate Opener Reviews

A complete guide to learn how to choose the best universal remotes for Mighty Mule gate opener. It also includes top 11 gate opener remote reviews.

Certainly, automatic gate openers make your life much easier. Thanks to them, you don’t have to get out the car to open and close your gate. So, there’s no risk of dirty hands or clothes and you’ll stay safe and dry in case of rain.

However, troubles may start to happen when your remote control disappears or just stops working. When that happens, finding the right replacement could be difficult. Especially if the opener is also out of production. Fortunately, an all-in-one remote control can easily solve that problem.

In this buying guide, you’ll learn all the factors you should consider in order to find a remote control that really works. Here, you’ll also find a top 11 list with the best all in one remotes for Mighty Mule automatic gate opener.

Benefits & Common Features

Certainly, these remote controls are very useful, especially when you can’t find a replacement with the exact brand and model. These devices are also lightweight, compact and easy to program. Some models have small switches that let you insert the code manually. Others can directly clone the wireless signal after pressing a single button gate opener.

Using all in one remote controls on your gate opener has so many benefits. Here’s a list with some of them:

  • Compatible with most gate opener brands on the market
  • Easy to program
  • Some have a greater reach range than the original controls
  • Compact and easy to store
  • You can also take them with you everywhere
  • Protection plan or warranty period

Top 11 Universal Remotes for Mighty Mule Gate Opener Reviews

Generic all in one Receivers are very common on the current market. But most of them are also completely useless. Therefore, you should always opt for original replacements if you don’t want to waste your money.

Below, you’ll find the best 11 controls that are 100% compatible with TOPENS, GTO and Mighty Mule automatic gate operators.

1. Ghost Controls AXS1 3-Button Remote Transmitter

Ghost Controls AXS1 is compatible with most Mighty Mule and GTO gate opener kits. In addition, it’s very easy to program. This device also has a single button and can control only one gate opener. In addition, the battery and the programming instructions are also included.


  • Easy to use
  • Battery included
  • Easy-to-understand instructions


  • The included battery may discharge too quickly

Above all, this remote control is incredibly easy to program. The instructions are also well explained, so you don’t need to be a genius to understand them. If you have trouble, you can also watch the programming procedure on video on the official website of the product.

2. Gate1Access RB741 Remote Control

This remote control is 100% compatible with all GTO and Mighty Mule Gate operators. The programming procedure is also clearly explained on the instructions manual. However, it’s also available on video on the official website of the product. Batteries are also included.


  • Included batteries
  • Easy to program
  • Durable and resistant


  • Only compatible with Mighty Mule and GTO openers

Certainly, Gate1Access is one of the cheapest alternatives for the original remote control from Mighty Mule. This also makes it an excellent choice for those who don’t have too much money to spend on replacements.

3. Gate1Access RB741 Remote Control (2-Pack)

Above all, Gate1Access RB741 is the perfect replacement for any remote control from Mighty Mule. It also has a greater reach range, letting you control your gate from a longer distance. The batteries and the visor clip are also included.


  • Batteries and visor clip included
  • Easy to program
  • Longer reach range


  • You may need to push the button gate opener several times to get a response

Gate1Access RB741 has a greater reach range than most remote controls. In addition, it’s more powerful, letting you open your gate in the middle of the rain with a single push of the single button. Certainly, one of the best replacements you can find for your Mighty Mule remote control.

4. XIHADA Universal Remote Control

This remote control works with different frequencies and can clone up to four different signals. Therefore, you can control four different gate opener kits with a single device. In addition, the programming process is quick and easy to understand. But, you’ll need the original remote control at hand during the process.


  • Duplicates up to 4 remote control signals
  • Works with different frequencies
  • Available in a wide variety of models


  • It may not recognize the signal from the original control
  • Not compatible with all gate opener kits

XIHADA remote control is more versatile than most replacement remote controls on the current market. It also works with a wider range of frequencies, which makes it capable to recognize more signals. However, it may not recognize the signal on the first try, which is also a big con.

5. Mighty Mule FM135 Gate Opener Remote

This remote control is also compatible with all Mighty Mule gate operator systems. Therefore, you can be sure you won’t have compatibility troubles during the programming process. This device is also covered by a 12 month Mighty Mule warranty and technical support, which makes a great buying choice.

So, this Mighty Mule single button gate opener remote (model no. 134) is the best one. You can rely on this remotes of gate system Mighty Mule. Mighty Mule also offers dual button garage door receiver. Some openers require the technical support gate remotes.


  • 12 month Mighty Mule warranty
  • Easy to program
  • Durable and resistant


  • Only compatible with Mighty Mule automatic gate opener kits
  • You can control only one gate

If you have a gate opener from Mighty Mule and don’t want to take risks, this is certainly the replacement control you need. This gate opener remote device is also easy to program and easy to use. It’s also sensible, opening your gate with a slight single button push.

6. Gate1Access FM135 Remote Control (3-Pack)

This pack includes 3 different single button controls, compatible with GTO and Mighty Mule gate systems. Additionally, the required batteries are also included. The programming process is also a piece of cake and you can also find it on new one video on the official website of the product.


  • Easy to program
  • Batteries included
  • Durable and resistant


  • Sometimes not working with 8-channel remote controls

This pack is certainly a great buying choice for big families. With this pack, each member of your family will have their own control. It’s also easy to program and easy to use. Unfortunately, it isn’t compatible with 8-channel remote controls.

7. Mighty Mule FM134 Gate Opener Remote

This Mighty Mule dual button gate opener remote FM134 receiver is compatible with all gate openers. It has two buttons to control two different gates. Remote FM134 is also covered by a 12-month warranty, which means you won’t lose your money if the control doesn’t work. No doubt such a great accessory is would like a great gate operator by providing great technical support. In addition, this Mighty Mule also offers extend warranty period. So, you can say this remote is a great.


  • It can control two different gates
  • 1-Year warranty
  • Durable and resistant


  • Only compatible with Mighty Mule openers
  • Not compatible with 9-channel controls

If you have a pair of Mighty Mule openers at home, this may be a great buying choice for you. As other controls from Mighty Mule, this one is also covered by a long lasting warranty. Threfore, you can get a new control in case of malfunction or your money back before the first month of use.

8. TOPENS ERM12 Remote Control Kit

This device is only compatible with TOPENS gate openers. In addition, it can control up to four gate openers at the same time. The output signal of this control is also encrypted, which makes almost impossible to clone. Certainly, a great buying choice for those who think security is first.


  • Encrypted signal
  • It can control up to 4 different openers
  • Safe and easy to use


  • You may need to push the single button several times to get a response

This replacement control is perfect for those who have more than one gate opener from TOPENS. This device is also compact, lightweight and easy to program. Unfortunately, it isn’t compatible with Mighty Mule or GTO.

9. ExcelTek RB741 Remote Control (3-Pack)

This device is compatible with GTO and Mighty Mule openers. In addition, it has a maximum reach range of 100 meters. It’s also powerful, always giving you a response even in the worst weather conditions. The output signal is also encrypted so thieves can’t hack it easily.


  • Encrypted signal
  • Easy to program
  • Durable and resistant


  • Not compatible with 8-channel controls

If security is important to you, you certainly need a replacement control like this. It also encrypts its signal, so anyone can clone it and open your gate when you’re not at home. The programming process is also a no-brainer.

10. Gate1Access RB741 Remote Control (5-Pack)

This pack is perfect for really big families or small companies. Each control also has a single button. Therefore, 5 people can control a single gate opener or a single person can control five different openers. So, the decision is yours. Best of all, each control comes with its own battery. Compatible with GTO and Mighty Mule openers.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable and resistant
  • Easy to program


  • Only compatible with Mighty Mule and GTO openers
  • You may have to push the single button several times to open the gate

If a 3-pack is not enough for you, here you have 5 different controls at an incredibly low price. Each control is also super easy to program and the whole process won’t take more than five minutes. In addition, the controls have a superior reach range that lets you open your gate from a longer distance.

11. Gate1Access RB741 Remote Control (6-Pack)

If the 5-pack reviewed before isn’t still enough for you, then you can opt for this 6-pack. Gate1Access RB741 is also fully compatible with gate system Mighty Mule and GTO openers. Its single button operation makes incredibly easy to use. The programming instructions are also included with the pack. Mighty Mule also offers extra features.


  • 6 Different controls on a single pack
  • Cheaper than buying each control separately
  • Easy to program


  • One or more controls on the pack may not work
  • The batteries may discharge too quickly

If saving money is your highest priority, you should buy this 6-pack. You’ll spend much more money if you decide to buy controls separately. In addition, these controls have a superior reach range in contrast to original controls from GTO and gate system Mighty Mule.

Buying Guide

Certainly, finding the right remote control for your gate opener may be difficult sometimes. However, you’ll find the process much easier after reading this valuable buying guide.


First of all, check out the Receiver you’re going to buy is compatible with your gate opener. Usually, you can find a list of the compatible brands and models on the technical features of the product.

Also, make sure the replacement control works with the same frequency range of the original one. If the frequencies are different, the gate opener will never receive the signal.

Reach Range

Your new remote control should also have sufficient reach range so you can open the gate from a safe distance. A reach range between 50-100 meters is more than enough. However, this range tends to decrease with rain. Therefore, if rains are too frequent on your neighborhood, better choose controls with the longest reach ranges.

Number of Buttons

Also choose the number of buttons depending on the number of gate openers you have in your property. If you have only one, choose single button controls. If you have two openers, choose 2-button controls and so on.

In addition, if each opener works with a different frequency, make sure to choose multi-frequency controls.


Some common questions answers on automatic gate opener remotes. If you read these FAQ section properly, you can know something special within a short time.

So, keep reading.

Q1. Are universal remote controls for gate openers expensive?

No. In fact, most of them cost less than $20.

Q2. How do you program a universal remote control?

The procedure may change on different models. In some cases, you have to insert the code of the original control on a switch box inside the replacement control. In other cases, you have to press the “pairing button” of the replacement while you press the operation single button of the original one.

Q3. What is the average service life of batteries in a remote control?

3-6 months.

Q4. Can universal remote controls be hacked?

Yes. If the remote control doesn’t encrypt the signal, there’s a high risk of hacking.

Q5. What is the usual reach range of gate opener remote controls?

50-100 meters.

Q6. How do you program a remote to a Mighty Mule gate automatic opener?

It is very easy. Just open it up and set up for the gate opener. That is all. Fore more helpful information, see the next answer.

Q7. How do you program a gate opener remote?

No need to do any extra program. Just use battery, and it will start work automatically. Because it is battery product supported gadget. Very easy DIY setup process. Just see product details (Example: gate operator remote fm134) to know how to works great. Also you can let us know for more easy DIY guideline. Just let us help you. Also, you should set up a pin code. Which code helps you to open the gate when you will need.

Q8. Can you use a garage door opener as a gate opener?

Yes, you can. But it is not a good decision. Because garage door openers are perfect for indoor use. So, if you use garage door openers outside of house, that will be not so much good looking. Isn’t it? In addition, garage door openers require extra effort to set up. As well as garage door openers require extra product weight, product width, product height also. Ask to the customer service point for more.

Q9. Are Mighty Mule gate openers any good

Of course, it is. Mighty Mule is a renown brand. So, you can rely on this brand’s product.

Final Verdict

Certainly, not all all-in-one remote receivers are compatible with your gate opener. The risk is even higher if you buy a generic model. So, if you don’t want to take risks, always choose original products. In addition, don’t forget to consider all the valuable tips on this buying guide before making the final decision.

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