Ghost Controls Gate Opener vs Mighty Mule Gate Opener

In this article we are going to discuss Ghost Controls gate opener vs Mighty Mule gate opener differences. So, you can know both brands in this article.

Ghost Controls and Mighty Mule are two of the most popular brands of gate openers in the world. When you find a product from these brands, you also can be sure it’s reliable, durable and resistant. Certainly, opting for any of these alternatives is a smart and wise decision.

As many other brands, Ghost Controls and Mighty Mule also have their pros and cons. In some cases, one of these brands is better than the other. However, to know this, first you need to learn more about these two brands and their products.

In this article, you’ll find a well explained comparison of both brands. That way, you can also determine which option will be better to choose on your next purchase.

What is Ghost Controls Gate Opener?

Ghost Controls is a renown brand of gate openers. And smart-home security solutions. This brand has also been present in the market for more than a decade. Currently, its headquarters are located in Tallahassee, Florida.

Ghost Controls makes honor to its name manufacturing openers that are silent and fast like a ghost. As stated in the official website, high quality is also the cornerstone of the company. Therefore, Ghost Controls is able to offer long lasting warranties and the best customer support.

Ghost Controls gate openers also have a proprietary maintenance-free gear box and motor design. Therefore, Ghost Controls products can keep the same performance and quiet operation for many years with very little maintenance. Best of all, this company provides a limited lifetime warranty of its motors.

What is Mighty Mule Gate Opener?

Mighty Mule is a brand owned by Nortek Security & Control. During many years, Mighty Mule has been synonymous with high quality, reliability and high performance. Gate openers from this brand are also renown for their powerful motors, rugged construction and unparalleled noise reduction.

These automatic gate opener can operates by smartphone. Mighty Mule’s proprietary app lets you control up to three different openers with the same smartphone. Best of all, you can do that from any location with a stable Internet connection.

In addition, Mighty Mule gate openers are incredibly easy to install. In most cases, these openers are sold as “DIY kits”, including all required parts to put the opener to work just after being installed. The whole installation process is clearly explained in the instructions. So, anyone can understand easily.

All Mighty Mule products are also provides 1-2 year warranty. Best of all, the warranty time can increase by registering the product on the official website of the brand. And this is one of the main reasons why customers all over the world prefer this brand over others.

Ghost Controls vs Mighty Mule

Without a doubt, Ghost Controls and Mighty Mule openers are excellent buying choices. However, in terms of power, performance and energy efficiency, there’s always a winner.


For example, the most powerful Ghost Controls opener can move gates up to 20 feet in length with a maximum weight of 900 lbs. On the other hand, the most powerful Mighty Mule opener can move gates of 18 feet in length with a maximum weight of 850 lbs. So, it’s clear that Ghost Controls produces more powerful devices than Mighty Mule.

In addition, Ghost Controls openers come with better solar panels than those from Mighty Mule. Ghost Controls openers use single-crystal solar cells that improve efficiency and power generation. On the other hand, Mighty Mule uses polycrystalline cells that are slightly less energy-efficient.

However, in terms of versatility, Mighty Mule is always the winner. The design of the mounting brackets makes Mighty Mule openers compatible with a wider variety of gates, including vinyl, ornamental, wood and chain-link gates.


Now that you know the differences between both brands, it’s time to know their similarities. For example, in both cases, 12-volt lead batteries are required to power the system. Usually, these brands don’t include batteries in their installation kits.

In addition, both brands have their own apps so users can control their openers with a smartphone. However, the user interface of Mighty Mule’s app is much more responsive and visually appealing.


As you can see, Ghost Controls and Mighty Mule are by far your best buying choices whenever you’re looking for a new gate opener. However, in some cases, choosing a specific option will give you better results. Before making any decision, make sure to consider all the valuable information you just read here. That way, you’ll have a higher chance of making a good decision.

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