Best Garage Door Keypad

Certainly, garage door openers have many advantages. So, with them, you don’t need to get out of the car to open or close your garage door. In addition, they consume very little energy and require little maintenance. It’s certainly worth having one of these at home.

However, when the garage remote control fails, trying to open them is a real challenge. But, having the best wireless garage door keypad can fix that problem. In this article you’ll learn how to choose the best garage door opener keypad. You’ll also find a top 10 list with the best wireless keypad for garage door on the market.

Benefits of Garage Door Keypads

Certainly, the best universal garage door keypad increases the security level of garage doors. In addition, they allow you to open the garage door without remote controls. So, any family member can enter home just by entering a password.

Below, you’ll also find a list with all the benefits of garage door keypads.


Certainly, garage door keypads provide security to your home, because:

  • They generate thousands of different key combinations.
  • You can change your passwords whenever you want.
  • Thieves won’t be able to open your garage door so easily.
  • They can only be used inside your property.
  • No one can reconfigure them without the required password.

Easy to Install

Also, garage door keypads are very easy to install, because:

  • You don’t need fancy tools.
  • Easy to understand instructions.
  • You don’t need to be an expert to install them.
  • You don’t need someone else’s help to do it.
  • All required parts come with the product.

Money Saving

Also, garage door keypads help you save money, because:

  • Have low prices.
  • They need little maintenance.
  • They consume little energy.
  • You won’t have to buy new remote controls.
  • Technical service is free while the warranty is in force.


Above all, garage door keypads are durable, because:

  • Made with the best materials.
  • Resistant to high impacts.
  • Have long lasting warranties.
  • Can last a lifetime with the right treatment.
  • You can use them on outdoors without problems.

Top 10 Garage Door Keypad Reviews

Certainly, best garage door universal keypads are very popular these days. So they have become very common in the market. With so many brands and models to choose from, making a decision certainly becomes difficult.

Fortunately, you don’t need to research too much to know the best products on the market. Below, you’ll find a top 10 list with each of them:

01. Chamberlain KLIK2U-P2 Keypad

Chamberlain KLIK2U-P2 Keypad is compatible with all American garage door openers manufactured after 1993. This wireless device is also very easy to install because it requires no wiring. It also uses a complex encryption system to prevent hacking. In addition, it includes a sliding cover that protects it from external agents.


  • Advanced encryption system.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Includes protective cover.


  • You need to remove the keypad from the wall, if you want to reprogram it.

Certainly, Chamberlain KLIK2U-P2 is the best keypad garage door opener on the market. It’s also safe and thieves won’t be able to hack it so easily. Also, it’s very easy to install and you won’t spend too much time to do it.

02. Genie GEN37332R Keypad

This product is also compatible with all Genie openers produced after 1995. It also includes all the required mounting hardware. In addition, it also emits a strong signal that triggers the garage door even with nearby interference.


  • Emits a strong signal.
  • All mounting hardware included.
  • Emergency garage door opener included.


  • The sliding cover comes off the track.
  • Very fragile product.

Certainly, Genie GEN37332R is the best keypad for Genie garage door openers. Its innovative Intellicode Security system also guarantees that each activation code is different in each product.

03. LiftMaster 877max, Light Gray

LiftMaster 877max is compatible with all LiftMaster openers produced after 1993. It uses 4-digit codes to open the garage door. In addition, the keypad glows in the dark, so you can use it at night with no problems.


  • The keypad glows in the dark.
  • Easy to setup.
  • It can control two doors at the same time with different codes.


  • Instruction manual is little bit hard to follow.

Certainly, LiftMaster 877max is a very versatile product. You can also program it to grant temporary access to third parties. Also, you can control multiple garage doors with different codes. However, it tends to fail in cold climates, which is a big con.

04. Chamberlain 940EV-P2 Keypad

Chamberlain 940EV-P2 Keypad is also compatible with Craftsman, LiftMaster and Chamberlain openers, produced after 1993. It also has illuminated keys for trouble-free use at night. In addition, it’s very easy to install and program.


  • Illuminated keypad.
  • Advanced encryption system.
  • Easy to install.


  • Sometimes the garage door won’t open after entering the password.
  • Hard to understand instructions.

Chamberlain 940EV-P2 Keypad certainly gives you more for the price. It’s compatible with the most popular brands on the market. Furthermore, it’s safe against hacking. So, you can be sure no one else will have a copy of your code.

05. Liftmaster 877MAX Wireless Garage Door Opener Entry System

This product is also compatible with all LiftMaster openers produced after 1993. It also has an illuminated keypad for easy use at night. In addition, it’s completely wireless, so it’s very easy to install.


  • The keypad glows in the dark.
  • Easy to setup.
  • It can control two doors at the same time with different codes.


  • The keypad tends to fail in cold weather.
  • Hard to understand instructions.

You can control two garage doors at the same time with this device, which is a big pro. Also, you can assign temporary codes to third parties. However, the instructions are quite difficult to understand. In addition, the keypad tends to fail in cold weather.

06. Overhead Door OKP-BX Keypad

Its sliding cover contains a special additive that provides superior resistance to UV rays and external agents. It also has illuminated keys for night use. Also, when the battery is low, a light on the keypad indicates when it’s time to replace it.


  • Superior resistance to UV rays.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Can control 3 garage doors at the same time.


  • Not compatible with modern garage door openers.
  • Hard to understand instructions.

Certainly, Overhead Door OKP-BX Keypad is the best garage door opener exterior keypad. In addition, it’s very resistant to external agents. So, you can install it outside your garage with no problems.

07. Craftsman CMXZDCG440 Keypad

Craftsman CMXZDCG440 Keypad is completely wireless and requires no wiring. Also, it has illuminated keys for overnight use. It also uses a 4-digit code to open the door. So, you have thousands of different combinations to choose from.


  • Illuminated keys.
  • Easy to install.
  • Durable and resistant.


  • Weak signal.

Craftsman CMXZDCG440 Keypad is the best smart garage door opener keypad. However, the signal it emits is too weak. So, you have to be too close to the garage door to use it. But, it doesn’t work when Bluetooth controllers are active.

08. ADBIKI Universal Keypad

It’s compatible with popular opener brands like Stanley, Chamberlain and Genie. Also, you can control 2 garage doors at the same time with this device. It also encrypts all its codes to prevent hacking from third parties. In  addition, it has 1 year of warranty.


  • Easy to install.
  • Advanced encryption system.
  • 1 Year of warranty.


  • Not compatible with modern door openers.
  • Sometimes the garage door won’t open after entering the password.

Certainly, ADBIKI Universal Keypad is as good as the best garage door keypad LiftMaster. Its advanced encryption system certainly keeps thieves away. Also, it’s very easy to install and you don’t need to be an expert to do it.

09. Chamberlain myQ Garage Door Opener

It’s compatible with garage door openers produced after 1993. Chamberlain myQ connects to the Internet through a router. When the system is online, you can easily control your garage door from anywhere.


  • You can control the garage door from anywhere.
  • Compatible most American brands of garage door openers.
  • 4 People can control the garage door at the same time.


  • It doesn’t work when there’s no Internet.
  • Very hard to setup.

Certainly, Chamberlain myQ Garage Door Opener is the ideal choice for technology lovers. It’s also compatible with old and new models of garage door openers. However, it isn’t that difficult to configure. Also, it will give you many problems if your Internet signal is weak.

10. Linear LPWKP Keypad

Linear LPWKP Keypad is compatible with Mega Code receivers. It also has illuminated keys for night use. This device is completely wireless, so you don’t need to run wires through the walls. In addition, it can store 10 different codes in its built-in memory.


  • Illuminated keypad.
  • It stores 10 different codes.
  • 6-Digit codes.


  • Not compatible with some openers.

Certainly Linear LPWKP is the best keypad for Mega Code receivers. It’s also safer than other keypads, because it uses longer codes. Also, it can store up to 10 codes, to control 10 garage doors at the same time.

Buying Guide – Garage Door Keypad

Certainly, garage door keypads are the best alternative to remote controls. With one of these, anyone with the right code can enter your garage very easily. Also, this is very convenient when not all family members have their own remote control.

However, not all keypads you find in the current market are suitable for your garage door. On the other hand, others tend to fail with changes in temperature. So, if you don’t want that to happen to you, pay close attention.

In this buying guide, you’ll learn how to choose the best door locks with keypad for garage.


Certainly, not all keypads are compatible with all garage door openers. So, you first need to know the model of your garage door opener and the year it was manufactured. You can also find this information on the official website of the product.

Once you know these data, then check the keypad features you’re going to buy. Usually, most keypads on the market are compatible with garage door openers produced after 1993. Others only work with models after 1996.

But, if you have a generic garage door opener, you’ll have to call a professional for pairing a keypad with your device.


In these cases, the rule is simple. The longer the code, the better. So, choose a keypad that can store 4 or more digit codes in its memory. Some models only allow entering 3 digits per code. Therefore, without a proper encryption system, any professional thief could hack the code.

Best keypads allow you to assign temporary codes to third parties. This is quite useful when you’re waiting for an important package and you aren’t at home. The code will expire after a short time.

Illuminated Keys

Also, the keypad you choose must have illuminated keys. With this feature, you won’t need to use a flashlight to use your keypad at night. Best of all, the light on the keys is powered by batteries. So, the keys will continue illuminated in case of a possible blackout.


Thieves usually copy the signal emitted by remote controls. Then they use a universal remote control to easily open the garage door. However, they can’t do that if you use a keypad.

Modern keypads use a complex encryption system that prevents code duplication. Basically, the keypad transforms the numeric code you enter into something much more complex. So, thieves would need the right decryption code to be able to open your garage door.


For maximum compatibility, it’s best to choose a keypad with the same brand of your garage door opener. That way, you’ll have fewer problems during the setup process. So, it isn’t a good idea to choose generic products or universal keypads.

Some people choose these options because of their low cost. However, after installation, they don’t get any signal from their keypads. This happens because the garage door opener receiver isn’t compatible with the keypad. So, follow this wise advice if you don’t want to have problems.


The Internet is full of product reviews. Probably, any product that you can find in a shopping website has a review somewhere. So, before buying any keypad, it’s convenient to know what former buyers think about the product.

If the majority of the opinions are good, you can buy without problems. If opinions are divided or bad most of the time, it’s better to consider other options.

Read as many reviews as you can to get a better idea about the quality of the product. Also check the seller’s reputation. If he or she always answers your customers’ questions, that’s a good sign.

On the other hand, if the seller disappears when customers complain, it’s better not to buy.


Once you know the product you want to buy, it’s time to compare prices. And to do so, it’s convenient to visit shopping websites and physical stores. You can also visit the official website of the product to know the factory price.

The more different prices you find, the better. Then, calculate the average value with the prices you obtained. Finally, choose the product with the price closest to the average value. It isn’t convenient to choose the cheapest option. It’s probably an imitation or a second-hand product.

If the price of the product exceeds your budget, you can consider other options. For example, keypads of the same brand but with a different model. Usually, the differences between one model and other are very few. So, take a look at the product features and verify that it has everything you need.

Garage Door Keypad FAQs

If after reading this information, you haven’t found what you were looking for, don’t worry. In this FAQs section you’ll find the answer to some common questions.

Q1. What is the best place to install a garage door keypad?

Answer: The right frame of the garage door is the best place to install the keypad. However, you’re free to choose the best place.

Q2. How many garage doors can you control with one keypad?

Answer: It all depends on the model you choose. The best keypads allow you to control up to 10 garage doors at the same time.

Q3. Are garage door keypads cheap?

Answer: Only generic models. If you want to buy a high-quality product, you’ll need to spend more than $50.

Q4. Which are the best brands of garage door keypads?

Answer: Chamberlain, Genie and LiftMaster are by far the best three brands.

Q5. What happens it the keypad and the receiver aren’t compatible?

Answer: The garage door won’t open. In that case, it’s better to return the keypad and buy a new one.

Final Verdict

Certainly, garage door keypads are a safer alternative to garage remote controls. These devices can encrypt their signal to frustrate the thieves’ plans. So, if you don’t want surprises in your garage, better install one of these before is too late. If you follow the advice of this buying guide one by one, you’ll certainly make the wisest decision.

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