Electric Fence Gate Handle Installation

This do it yourself (DIY) electric fence gate handle installation guide can help you to install it perfectly. So, let’s go to start. But before that, there is a small intro:

Electric fences are very common in farms and they help to set limits to animals in a very effective way. However, they are also perfect for any place where safety is a primary concern.

Despite the safety it provides, it is also important to add the proper way to get in and out of the zone it protects. In this sense, the gate and its handle are a very important part of the fence.

How To Install Electric Fence Gate Handle?

It is not a surprise that you are trying to carry out the electric fence gate handle installation by yourself. It might be that you want to complete the installation of the fence or just learn to replace the handle to avoid calling any professional service.

In any case, electric fence gate ideas will ease the maintenance of it. In this post you will learn the basic steps for installation of and electric fence gate handle as follows:

1. Check the Type of Gate You Have

The fence gate handle installation may vary according to the type of gate you have. There are two types: standard gates and wire with a gate handle. For standard gates, a wire is installed beneath the surface between the 2 sides of the gate. On the other hand, a wire gate is installed using a spring wire from one post to another.

2. Check How Many Gate Handles Should be Installed

For security matters, it is always recommended to install one gate handle for each electrified fence wire. So, keep that in mind when you buy your materials and plan your electric fence gate installation. Standard gates may have 1 or more wires attached to each one of the tubes and require 1 handle for each wire. If you are using wire gate it would be only 1 handle.

3. Get All the Necessary Materials

Or to install a fence gate handle you will need at least the following items:

  • Gate handles in sturdy plastic or rub
  • Pliers
  • Drill and bit
  • Electric wiring of the size of the gate
  • Handle anchor to hold the handle in the post
  • Heavy gloves to protect your hands

4. Turn Off the Power

Before you start the fence gate handle installation you must turn the power off to avoid any accident. In addition, it will ease your work as you will be able to manipulate the wires and the gate freely.

5. Install the Handle Anchor to One Post

The handle anchor must be installed in one side of one post in order to receive the gate handle.

6. Attach the Handle

The next step is to attach the gate handle to the extreme of the wire. At this point, you must measure it to make sure it has the proper tension.

7. Turn On the Power

After finishing the how to install electric fence gate handleturn on the power again.


In conclusion, the electric fence gate handle installation can be an easy task if you follow all the necessary steps. Make sure you turn off the power, protect yourself with good gloves to avoid any damage, and find the best gate handle that you can.

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