The Easy ways of Gate Valve Handle Replacement

Gate valves handles are silent workers. Because it’s the best part of a perfect gate handle. They either do it by closing a stream of liquid or letting it flow. Despite their permanent activity, we tend to not pay too much attention to them.

However, from time to time it is necessary to replace them. A gate valve handle replacement is necessary when it gets too dirty with corrosion, to the point it is not possible to close it or open it, or persistently leaks.

Similarly, replacement of a valve handle is also necessary when it is broken. In many cases, when some parts of the valve are damaged, it results less expensive to replace it instead of repairing it. Lucky for us, they do not require too much effort to be replaced.

Gate Valve Handle Replacement Steps

Therefore, it is one of those projects worthy to take on your own. Below is the easiest way for replacement of valve handle (step by step guide):

1. Get the Necessary Tools

The essential tools for this project are the screwdriver, the wrench, and a cutter. In this sense, consider that every model of gate valve handle has its own measures and its manufactured with specific materials, such as iron, copper, and others.

As a result, make sure you get the right ones. In addition, keep at hand a good set of mechanic tools that contain putty knife, wire brush, punches, and hammer. They might be needed for cleaning the surface before installing the new valve handle. In addition, get a good rust cleaner and a clean cloth.

2. Turn off the Water Source

Before starting the replacement, it is necessary to turn off the water source. Otherwise, you would be exposed to a water spill.

3. Drain the Pressure

Before starting the valve handle replacement, you must release the pressure and drain the system. Depending on the function of the pipe you might need to wait until it cools off.

4. Remove the Old Valve Handle

Put the valve handle in open position and proceed to remove the valve handle by cutting the pipe the pipe just a few inches from one side of the valve. Then continue forming a circular movement until you can remove the valve. As pipes may be of different materials, check that you use a cutter according to the material.

5. Inspect and Clean

The vale of gate handle replacement is an excellent opportunity to clean the surface that is usually covered with the valve handle. In addition, a clean surface will allow you to install the new valve handle successfully. Therefore, check the threads and clean the surface from any dust, dirt, corrosion, or lubricant. Also, clean the body gasket and bonnet gasket seating area.

6. Install the New Valve Handle

Now that the surface is clean, proceed to install the new valve handle. To do so, start applying soldering paste to the extremes of the pipe and the insides of the couplings and the valve. Then join both parts and soldier if necessary. Allow some minutes for the joints to cool. Finally, try the new piece and check for any leaks.


To sum up, a valve handle replacement should be done easily. Above all, the pipe and the new valve should be in good conditions to guarantee the best results. If you have all the tools at hand and follow these steps, you will soon your new valve handle in place.

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