How to Adjust Self Closing Gate Hinges?

Do you know how to adjust self closing gate hinges? Don’t worry, there answer is here ready for you.

One of the biggest advantages of installing self-closing gate hinges is that you can adjust their tension as many times as you want. When they are not properly adjusted, they can be squeaky and cause serious troubles. In addition, the lack of adjustment can make them too slow or too fast according to how you want it to function.

DIY Steps of Self Closing Gate Hinge Adjustment

Learning how to adjust self closing gate hinges is a skill that can result very useful as this lack of adjustment may appear at any time. Fortunately, learning to adjust self closing gate hinges is easy. Moreover, the process to adjust them is really easy too. By following the following steps you will be able to adjust them without having to wait for a technician or professional installer.

1. Read the Instructions

Many hinges sets bring their own instructions on how to install and adjust them. If you still have access to them, it is a good time to take a new look at those instructions.

2. Get the Proper Tools

For better or for worse there are many models of self-closing hinges in the market. Furthermore, the variation may also increase from one type of gate to another. Because of it, they may have different sizes and designs. However, most of them use the same mechanism that requires screwdrivers, pliers, and hex keys to adjust the self-closing hinges.

In other words, you will always need to use hex key, pliers and screwdriver but they must be according to the size of the hinges. Lucky for you, it is common that hex keys and screwdrivers come in sets that allow you to keep at hand many different sizes. Just try the one that adjusts better to your model and you will do it right.

3. Find the Locking Pin

To find the locking pin check at the hinge for several holes placed horizontally until you get the one with the pin.

4. Remove the Locking Pin

To remove the locking pin, release some tension from the top of the spring hinge by rotating the spring hinge in either direction using a hex key or a screwdriver (depending on the model of the hinge). Meanwhile, use another hex key or pliers to remove the pin.

5. Place the Pin Into Another Hole

After removing the locking pin, keep rotating the horizontal part of the hinge until another hole appears. Insert the locking pin into a new hole until you find one hole that you like for the adjustment you want.

6. Adjust the Next Hinge

When you adjust one of the hinges you will have to adjust the other hinge too. They must have the same level of tension to make sure they both work well.

7. Test the Door

Finally, test the door by opening and letting it close several times. If you find that you need more adjustment, just get back the above-mentioned steps and repeat them until you are fully satisfied.


In conclusion, learning to setup self closing gate hinges is an easy task. You only need to be patient and make sure you have all your tools at hand and follow the steps until you get the level of adjustment that you need.

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