Best Gate Hinges

There are lots of type gate hinges available in the market. So, you are confused that, which are best gate hinges for your home.


Don’t worry, our home expert researched and found 9 gate hinges, which are really cool. Just check the list, then you can understand easily.

So, let’s go to check the list.

Top 9 Gate Hinge Reviews

Along with gate handles, it is the gate hinges which are among the most important pieces of gate hardware that a person can purchase. The whole purpose of hinges is to ensure that it is nice and smooth to open up your gate.

The editor has selected these hinges based on several different criteria. This includes:

  • Ensuring that the hinges are heavy duty
  • Ensuring that the opening action is smooth
  • That they look good

Any of the hinges that you find in this top 9 list are worth the price being charged. Some are cheaper than others, all will give a fantastic contribution towards any gate, particularly outdoor ones that are exposed to the elements.

1. 2 Pair Barrel Gate Hinge Heavy Duty 5″ with Grease Zerk

These hinges, although small, have been designed for some of the heaviest gates around. They are able to support up to 500lbs of gate, which is a hefty amount of gate. They are particularly designed for swing gates, although they can work well with just about anything that is thrown at them.

Barrel hinges are some of the trickiest hinges to install, but once they are in place, they lead little in the way of maintenance. These particular hinges are fully greased up inside the heavy duty ball bearing gate hinges and will provide years and years of usage without so much as faltering.


  • Ideal for heavy gates
  • Sturdy. Will last years
  • Look ‘good’ for a barrel hinge


  • Tough to install

For heavy gates, these are going to be some of the best hinges that money can buy. Worth each and every penny spent on them. This may be one of the better gate hinges for double gates.

2. Lynn Cove SH125 New York Style Hinge Set

These hinges have been specifically designed for those who want a beautiful look for wood. They are not the toughest hinges in the world. Which means that they will probably not be ideal for those people. Who need to have a lot of protection on their property. But they certainly do look good.

The real highlight of these gate hinges is that they should be easy to install. It is simply a matter of screwing them into place. The only thing required will be a drill to drill your pilot hole, coupled with a good screwdriver to drive those screws home. So, you can set up heavy duty driveway gate hinges in easy way.


  • Look good
  • Easy to install
  • Well-built


  • Not ideal for securing areas as the exposed hinges can be easily cut

For a touch of rustic charm added to your property, these hinges are going to play the part well. A must-purchase, just as long as somebody is not trying to secure their property well.

3. National Hardware N343-475 DPV879 Self-Closing Gate Kit

These hinges are as simple as hinges can get, and the price being charged for them really shows that this is the case. They come with their own latch, which means a person would only need to purchase a good quality handle and they will have all the gate hardware needed.

Since these are basic hinges, they are not going to be very secure. If a person needs to secure up expensive parts of their property, then they would probably do well looking elsewhere because these hinges are not going to perform. They are more basic hinges for securing up a yard and the like. That being said, for the money they are tough and can put up with a lot of extreme weather conditions.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to install
  • Look good
  • Auto closing functionality


  • May be too simplistic for some
  • Not that secure

If a person is looking for cheap gate hardware. Well, this may be one of the better options that money can buy for them. You are sacrificing security, but if somebody is purchasing gate hardware this cheap, security was probably not at the top of their mind anyway.

4. National Hardware N130-005 290BC Screw Hook/Strap Hinge

Well, this is another cheap gate hinge, although since it is coming from National Hardware a person can still expect a certain level of quality with it, and it certainly delivers on that front. This hinge is able to put up with intense weather conditions.

This type of hinge is probably best served on utility doors and the like, although it is unlikely that somebody would wish to place something expensive behind the heavy duty exterior door hinges unless they have a quality lock in place. However, if a person has a quality lock, they will probably not be looking for something at this price point in the first place.

These hinges are available in several different sizes, which means that a person should have no issues finding the right size for their property. These hinges can fit on a variety of different gates.


  • Easy to install
  • Cheap
  • Well-constructed


  • Not that secure

Again; the editor must reiterate that this hinge is not for secure areas, but more as a ‘utility’ hinge. It should work well for most people, though. If a person needs nothing more than a cheap hinge, you would struggle to find better than this.

5. Pair of Nationwide Industries Multi-Size Chain Link Self-Closing Hinges

These hinges come with all the hardware required to install the hinges on self-closing gates. If a person is looking to install these on wooden gates, can easily do it, although they are not going to be that cheap so not a major issue.

These hinges have been built to last, and the overall quality of them means that it is likely a person will even be able to put these in secure areas with ease. They are going to be tough to break though.

The self-closing mechanism works incredibly well. They do not shut too fast, so somebody does not need to worry about getting a gate in their face if they forget to close it quickly.


  • Easy to install
  • Good for secure areas
  • Best multi-size


  • None

If somebody has a big gate that is securing an area of their property, then these outdoor gate hinges are going to be absolutely perfect to use. Worth every penny spent on them.

6. 7Penn Self-Closing Black Gate Hinge 2-Pack

Recommended for wood and vinyl gates. You can adjust the separation between both hinge flanges by simply turning a screw. The steel fasteners are very resistant to avoid deformations. That way, the gate latch always stays aligned in the right place.

Both flanges need 7 fasteners to attach to the leaf and the frame. You can use steel, vinyl or wooden fasteners. However, according to the quality and strength of the material, the hinges will have more or less chance of accidentally detaching.

These hinges have a black powder coating for greater corrosion resistance. Each flange has a surface of 3.5X3.25 inches, with a 1.5-inch front flange for better attachment to the square edges. The complete kit includes 2 hinges, 22 vinyl fasteners and 1 swing adjustment tool.

With the swing adjustment tool you can set the maximum aperture of each hinge. Most commercial hinges don’t give you that advantage. Therefore, this is a product worth trying.


  • Adjustable swing.
  • Adjustable distance between each flange.
  • Easy installation.


  • Not very resistant materials.
  • It only works with small and light gates.

7. D&D Technologies TruClose TCHD1AS3BTS Heavy Duty Gate Hinge

It can withstand very heavy gates, with leafs up to 66 lbs. Its design allows resisting great efforts and minimizes wear. Its self lubricated barrel guarantees a longer life. You can adjust the closing speed to prevent gate leafs from hitting someone too hard.

Its black powder coating is resistant to water and UV rays. All its moving parts are made of polymer coated stainless steel. These hinges provide greater stability because they’re more robust than the rest. In addition, its flanges don’t wear out so easily.

The complete kit includes 2 hinges, trim covers and stainless steel fasteners. To install you only need a drill with a screw driving tip. To adjust the self-closing force, you only need a screwdriver.

Even in extreme conditions, these hinges don’t lose its ability to move smoothly. Neither rain, snow nor intense heat can affect the performance of this amazing product.


  • Durable and resistant.
  • Resists more weight than similar hinges.
  • Flanges don’t break or deform with great efforts.


  • Very expensive.
  • Too big for small gates.

8. D&D Technologies TruClose Multi-Adjust TCAMA1 Regular Duty Gate Hinge

This brand provides heavy duty self closing gate hinges. Designed to last a lifetime. It can withstand gates with leafs up to 55 lbs. Recommended to install on round metal posts. It works well with hardwood, vinyl and heavy duty steel gate hinges. Using a screwdriver, you can adjust the self-closing speed.

Its black powder coating guarantees maximum resistance to external agents, including humidity and high temperatures. Its structure is self-lubricated, guaranteeing less wear with use.

Once mounted, you can adjust the tension and the horizontal and vertical position. That way, if your gates move slightly from the right place, you can correct the problem without dismounting them.


  • Optimal fit over round tubes.
  • Durable and resistant.
  • Resists more weight than other hinges.


  • Very expensive.
  • Too big for small gates.

9. Boerboel Gate Solutions 73014253 Heavy-Duty Modern Wrap Hinge

These heavy duty stainless steel hinges can support more than 50 times their own weight. Ideal for gates up to 150 lbs. Their innovative tension control allows you to adjust the self-closing speed of the gate.

If the gate closes too quickly, it could become dangerous. If there are young children at home, you should make sure that it closes as smoothly as possible. You can also easily adjust the vertical and horizontal position of the gate.
With conventional hinges, you would need ropes and pulleys to adjust the position of a too heavy gate. Instead, with the Boerboel Gate Solutions 73014253 hinges, you only need a screwdriver to do it.

The complete kit includes 2 hinges, 4 hinge covers and 24 fasteners.


  • It resists more weight than most gate hinges.
  • Easy adjustment of the gate position.
  • Adjustable self-closing speed.


  • Too expensive.
  • Too big for small gates.

Gate Hinge Buying Guide

A gate hinge might be underestimated. Due to that many people don´t pay enough attention when have to buy them. Although many models are almost invisible still provide us with an invaluable service. Along with a gate they create a perfect team to ease the daily entrance and exit of any area.

Well, then follow the buying guide to select some perfect gate hinges for your gate. If you check these (below described) issues to buy your gate hinges, we can give you the confirmation, you will get the best one.

Dimensions of the Gate

The dimension of the gate is definitively a crucial element to consider when buying a gate hinge. But it is not limited to the size of it. In other words, you also need to verify the weight and material of the gate to determine which is the best gate hinge.

Usually, manufacturers indicate the limits of such dimensions as well as the material they are suitable for. In addition, they can also mention the type of gate such as pool gate, barn or chain link fence gate hinges, just to name a few. In general terms, the size of a gate is classified in small and large.

Small gates are considered up to 40 – 45 inches wide and large gates are those above that measure. In addition, there are special measures that can be as little as pool gates and as big as a fence and/or heavy duty barn door hinges.


The secret for a hinge to spin smoothly is a good lubrication. Most gate hinges don’t include lubrication. That means you’ll have to buy additional lubricant spray to apply once the gate leafs are mounted.

However, some models don’t need lubricant application to work. For example, some hinges have huge barrels filled with lubricant. The barrel is also sealed to prevent lubricant leaks.

These models can last a lifetime without problems. Although they’re more expensive, they’ll save you all the money you would spend in the future on lubricants.

Closing Speed Adjustment

While a gate is heavier and bigger, it’s more dangerous. Therefore, you need to use several resistant hinges to support it. However, danger isn’t only in the possibility that it could fall on someone. It’s also in the closing speed.

Some gate hinges include a self-closing mechanism that helps them stay closed all the time. If the closing speed is too high, the gate could hit someone too hard. The energy of the blow increases considerably with the weight of the gate.

Therefore, for too big gates, it’s essential to install hinges with closing speed adjustment. To adjust, you just have to turn a screw that works as a hinge pin at the same time. The screw compresses or releases a spring that dampens movement.

If you have young children at home, you must set the lowest closing speed. That way, there’s no risk of someone being hurt.

Hinge Pin

The hinge pin is the center of rotation or pivot of the gate. Its surface should be as straight as possible to allow smooth movement. If it bends, the hinge won’t turn. If it breaks, the gate will fall.

That’s why it’s very important to verify the materials’ quality and the diameter of the hinge pin. Always, a hinge must be a solid metal bar. Hollow circular tubes don’t support big shear stresses and tend to bend easily.

Stainless steel is the ideal material for hinge pins. Iron, although very resistant, tends to rust. The rust generates friction in the hinges, slowing the movement.

Aluminum hinge pins are also resistant to rust, but they aren’t the best to withstand great efforts. Therefore, they’re recommended for light and small gates.

Metal Flanges

All the hinges have a barrel, a hinge pin and two metal flanges. The metal flanges are subject to the surface of the gate through fasteners. Flanges should be tough but thin at the same time. If too thick, the gate doesn’t close.

When you buy hinges, make sure the flanges are of steel. If the flanges aren’t strong enough, the fasteners that support the weight of the gate will tend to deform the holes. When the metal between the holes breaks, the gate loses its support and falls.

Rust tends to weaken the flanges. Therefore, it’s always convenient to buy models with a rust-resistant cover.

Most of the time, metal flanges are flat. This feature makes them fit better on square frames. However, not all gates support on square frames. Some of them support on round frames.

If that’s your case, you only have two options. The first one is to add some flat adapters to the round frame. You can buy them or make them yourself. You would only need a square piece of wood or a square steel tube.

The second option is to buy gate hinges with curve flanges. If you don’t find flanges that fit the diameter of your frames, maybe you can ask someone to make them for you.


Fasteners support most of the weight of the gate. Therefore, not all fasteners are appropriate for all gates. If the fasteners aren’t included in the mounting kit, be sure to buy the type of fastener specified in the instruction manual.

If you use fasteners of smaller diameter, these could break when the weight is too much. Don’t buy iron fasteners, because they tend to rust over time. Stainless steel is better.

Before installing them, you must know the gate material. If the material is too hard, fasteners could break during installation. Pointy fasteners have better penetration and are the best for these cases. If the gate material is too sturdy, it would be convenient to open the holes with a drill and then install the fasteners.


Although a gate hinge tends to be almost unnoticeable, it is a very important part of the gate hardware. Gate hinges hold the gate and allow it to accomplish its goal which is to open and close. However, some models are very visible and become an important part of the decor. Therefore, you can select decorative hinges to match the rest of the hardware.

Other times you will have to use some models of gate hinges that are suitable for the dimensions of the gate. In other words, bigger gates, bigger gate hinges. In such cases, the designs and models become crucial when you select them.

For bigger gates, the hinges models have additional support that becomes highly visible. You will have options for different finishes and a variety of designs. It will allow you to match them with the rest of the gate hardware and ultimately with your decor too.

Nowadays, you can find antique and old-fashioned models. Other contemporary designs can be found in strap, spring, and dummy straps models, just to name a few. In addition, materials such as the aluminum are adding colors and interesting finishes that are really worthy to check.

Type of Gate

The type of gate is also a crucial element to consider. After all, it determines the types of hinges for doors you need. For instance, it determines if you require standard or self-closing hinges. The strength and the material of the gate hinge are also determined by the gate. In this sense, some materials are more resistant and heavy gates require such materials. If you need your gate to swing both ways then reversible hinges are a perfect choice.


The material of the gate hinge is determined by 2 different aspects. Firstly, the location of the gate. When it is in places where the weather can cause significant damages, some materials must be considered. For instance, in places with high levels of corrosion, stainless and galvanized hinges are ideal.

Another example could be an office that might use aluminum gate hinges because this material is lighter. Secondly, when it comes to the weight of the gate, heavier gates require stronger materials such as iron.

On the other hand, reinforced polymer offers additional benefits as it doesn’t sag, stain, rust or bind. What really matters when checking for materials is that you have many choices available that can fit any space and location that you need.

Commercial vs Domestic vs Industrial Use

This is a very important aspect as it determines the frequency of use and the load it has to carry. If gate hinges are used very frequently it is convenient to select very resistant materials. In addition, the mechanism or type of gate hinge also determines what to buy.

For instance, butt hinges tend to be very effective for a lot of work. On the other hand, if the gate hinges have a very decorative design perhaps it is worthy to check carefully if they are suitable for your gate.

The frequency of use also tells you how robust gate hinges should be. The more opening/closing cycles a gate has in the same day, the greater the wear of the hinges. Therefore, you’ll need more steel so they can remain operational for longer.

It’s also convenient to keep the hinges lubricated all the time, to ensure a smooth movement. Bad lubrication means that your gate will take longer to open and close.

For Industrial Use

For industrial use, gates must move quickly, so as not to disrupt normal operations or company performance. A fleet of trucks would take forever to get in or out with slow gates.

Some industries work with corrosive substances. In case of an accidental spill, these substances could weaken the hinges. In these cases, it’s convenient to opt for powder coated hinges.

Powder coating prevents any corrosive substance from coming into direct contact with metal. It’s also waterproof and adds resistance to the piece.

In many industries it’s common to find huge metal gates. With so much weight, heavy-duty hinge gates are necessary. Therefore, it’s advisable to opt for big, robust and compact models for these kinds of uses.

Best Brands of Gate Hinge

Here are some best brands of gate hinge. If you know about these brands, you can find the perfect and good hinge for your gate. So this part is mandatory for you, if you are looking for a best gate hinge.

Emil Kaltenbach

This a German company with a worldwide presence. It produces very high-quality gate hinges for industrial, commercial, and residential use. They assure they prefer to produce few pieces to maintain the quality of the hinges.

This brand might be considered a luxurious one. If you are interested in the best gate hinges in the market this is definitively a brand you should check.

National Hardware

This is a well-recognized brand that focuses its designs in ornamental, heavy duty weld on hinges, and lighter gate hinges. They stand out for applying an innovative protection treatment called Weather Guard which is very effective for corrosion and other elements. In addition, they have a worldwide presence and also offers many other pieces of gate hardware.

Liberty Hardware

This is a very versatile brand that includes decorative metal straps for wood and functional hardware. Some of its best products are the hinges which are designed for cabinets, closets, doors, and gates.

In addition, this brand has developed a family of related brands such as Brainerd and FranklinBrass. Both of them produce more than 2,000 products of gate hardware in traditional and contemporary style for bathrooms and other residential areas.


This is an Indian brand with more than 20 years of experience. Little by little they have been developing an extensive line of architectural hardware. Now they export their products to Asia, the Middle East, North America, and Europe too. They are available in many chain stores and distributors. Gate hinges are among some of their products.

Moreover, they offer many models including American and Euro hinges. In addition, they have different materials and different finishes. They stand out because they are able to customize your orders with 100% quality.

Gate Hinge FAQ’s

Here are some common questions including answers that you may have. So if you can know these, you can easily understand which gate hinge is perfect for you?

Q1: Do I need special hinges for pool gates?

Answer: Pool gates are considered special because children use them. Due to this, pool gates need to be safe enough to control their access when adults are not around. Many countries have special legislation that force the owners to have self-closing gate hinges. If your country does not have such legislation, it still advisable to have them. Self-closing hinges allow you to keep the pool area safe and controlled.

Q2. Can I install gate hinges on my own?

Answer: Yes, you can install gate hinges as a DIY project. However, consider that at some point you will need to move the gate. Therefore, you will probably have to get some extra help to install the gate after the gate hinges are in place.

Q3: How many hinges per gate should I use?

Answer: Hinges are commonly presented in packages of 2 or 3 pieces. However, the best option might be installing only 2. More hinges are recommended only for really big and heavy-duty gates. If the gate has many hinges there is a risk of misalignment and the installation must be done very carefully.

Q4: Do gate hinges offer warranty?

Answer: Yes, many brands offer warranty. It is common that they offer several depending on the material of them. Check every brand in particular to verify the time and other conditions.

Q5: How do I carry out the maintenance of my gate hinges?

Answer: The maintenance of gate hinges starts with the selection of the best materials. They may include stainless steel or any other metal with protection. Other than that, you should add oil regularly.

In addition, keep them clean by using a cloth, warm water or special products offered commercially. If you notice some grass growing around the hinges, make sure you cut them at least once a month.

Q6: What is a self-closing gate hinge?

Answer: It is a type of hinge that has the possibility to be adjusted in the heavy duty spring loaded hinges to make it close automatically behind you.

Q7: How do I control the opening and closing speed of my gate hinges?

Answer: By adjusting the tension according to your own preference.

Q8: Where can I find proper instructions to install gate hinges?

Answer: Most of the times, gate hinges include a set of written instructions. In addition, many brands have their own video channels to show you how to install their products.

Verdict Line

Gate hinges increase the stability of a gate or a door. So if you are interested to strongest your gate, you should buy some nice and stable gate hinges for your home.

Although, gate hinges are very important to use a gate. So it is to be a hard and a stability. Allover you should go with the above list, that we found after a long research. As we are an expert team of home products, you can rely on us.

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