How to Install a Door Handle Set?

Whether you want to install a door handle set in a new door or revamp an old door, this DIY guide is for you. Learning how to install a door handle set is easy. Likewise, installing it is easy and simple too.

Besides their functionality, handle sets may add personality and style to the doors. As a result, they are an excellent tool to refresh the decor of any space at a very affordable price.

4 Easy Steps to Install Door Handle

The first step to figuring out install door handle set is to check that your door may support the handle set that you want to install. There are many models, and sizes of handle sets. However, you just need to learn the general process and this DIY is a great way to start.

1. Put All the Tools Together and at Hand

Before you start your project, make sure you have the following tools:

  • drill
  • drill bits and spade bit
  • measurement tape
  • screwdrivers
  • hammer
  • pencil or marker
  • door handle set that must include screws, the door handle, latch, and hinge

2. Take Measures and Mark

If you have an old door, you will have to work with the pre-established holes and measures it already has. The new handle set must necessarily fit into the old door and the installation will only take to insert the pieces into the holes.

On the other hand, if you have a new door, you just have to think of the design you want to add. However, take into consideration that there are some doors that might be bigger or smaller than the standard size and require special measures.  In any case, it makes the project more exciting.

Firstly, you must take the height to install the door handle and mark it. International standards indicate they must be between 34 inches and 48 inches above the finish floor. Secondly, take the measures in the door (side and front), and mark them too. Most of the door handle sets come with a template to ease the process. If this is your first project, make sure you buy one set that includes it.

3. Drill the Holes

Firstly, drill the main holes in the front and side of the door with a 2 mm bit for the screws (bit size may vary according to the door handle set model). In addition, open a hole in the front of the other for the spindle, but just as a reference. Do not go deep with the drill.

Secondly, use the spade bit to open the holes for the spindle in both sides of the door. Finally, open the hole for the latch in the side of the door. After opening those holes, use a wood chisel and a hammer to chip out them deep enough to hold the faceplate.

4. Install the Door Handle Set

After all the main holes are ready, you may proceed to install the pieces of the set. Begin with the handle and then follow with the latch. When you put the latch, drill the little holes for the screws that will hold it and then put them in place. After that, close the door and match the latch with the space for the striker plate and mark it. Then, open a hole there with the spade bit and install it. Finally,   check that everything works and match well.


In short, you only need to follow this guide and check specific tips provided by the manufacturer of the door handle set to complete the final adjustments. Now put all your tools and materials together, follow this guide, and your success is guaranteed.

To decorative a gate, it’s mandatory to set the handle perfectly. So you must follow these 4 easy steps to setup the door handle for perfection of your gate hardware.

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