Best Gate Lock 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Why need a best gate lock for a home? Because to go out of your home, its really important to secure your home.

And for that, gate lock is one of the best ways to do it. So, you should buy a best gate lock for your home. Did you do that?

Here is some top gate lock selected by some home experts. If you are interested, can check the list.

10 Top Gate Lock Reviews

There are a lot of different gate locks on the market, which can make gate lock reviews guide incredibly difficult. Because people are always looking for different types of locks. Either because of the gate that they own, or simply for budgetary purposes.

The locks chosen for the top 10 best gate lock reviews guide have been selected to fit various different budgets, as well as ensuring that there is something for everybody here. If a person is after a digital gate lock, then they will find it. If they want just a simple dial combination padlock to add to their latch, then they will find it too.

Everything in this category has been selected for the level of security that it offers, at a price which comes in at being affordable.

1. Master Lock 178D Set – Your Own Combination Padlock

We will start with a padlock, which is the most basic of all ways in which to master lock a gate. It will need to be combined with a lockable gate latch or it won’t work.

In the world of padlocks, Master lock are one of the best companies around. Their locks tend to come in at a bit more of an expensive price point than most other padlocks. But this is for a good reason. Their padlocks have been built to last, and they are going to be impossible to break.

This particular padlock for a gate allows the user to set their own combination lock. Which is handy because it means that a person can set the dial combination lock to a memorable number rather than deal with whatever the company gave them initially. So which can be tough to remember.


  • The most basic way to lock a gate
  • Combination can be changed
  • Secure padlock


  • Not ideal for high security areas

If somebody wants something cheap and basic, then a padlock is a fantastic place to start. However, for high security areas, it may be worth looking elsewhere.

2. Keystone Black Nylon Polymer Key-Lockable Latch

If a person purchases this Blackstone lock, then they will not need to buy a latch for their gate. This is because it comes with the latch included. And this will cut down on the amount of gate hardware which needs to be purchased.

Due to the materials this latch has been constructed from, there should be no worry of it ever rusting or corroding.

This means that it is going to last for a long time. The materials used are not weak either. It is unlikely that they will ever end up breaking. The warranty covers up to one million closures of the lock. Which it is unlikely will ever be hit.

This is one of the trickier locks to install, but everything that is required, including a template that reviews guide the installation, is included in the packaging.


  • Strong and secure
  • Will last forever
  • Sturdy lock


  • Won’t work for larger driveway gates

If a person has a gate smaller than 5” in diameter, then this is the right lock for them. It is trickier to install than most locks, but once it is in place, rest assured that everything will be secure.

3. Mighty Mule Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock (FM145)

Digital gate locks, like this one, seem to be all the rage at the moment. They offer a high level of protection for not a whole lot of money.

This is the more affordable digital locks on the market. It has been selected because it is easy to install. Once in place, to lock and unlock the gate the only thing required is to tap a number into the included keypad.

There are several different add-ons that can be purchased for this lock, including a solar panel if a person does not wish to use a battery to power the lock.

This is a lock which has really been designed for pedestrian gates, so nothing too big. It could provide the ideal level of protection for a small entrance to a garage or door to a garden gate. Many companies are using combination locks like this to keep customers out of certain parts of their property.


  • Affordable digital lock
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Sturdy and built to last


  • Only for smaller doors

For anybody looking for one of the better digital locks on the market and has a small door to lock, then the Mighty Mule Pedestrian Gate Lock would be ideal.

4. National Hardware N109-045 V3801 YardLock in Black

National Hardware Yard is a quality combination lock for a gate. And it is rare insofar as the fact that it can be locked from both sides. This means that a person will be able to enjoy the highest levels of protection with this gym lock firmly in place.

It is a bit on the expensive side in the world of locks, but it is completely worth it. Anybody buying this lock will have purchased something which is dependable. It works in all types of weather and will never let somebody down.


  • Locks from both sides
  • Incredibly reliable
  • Looks good


  • Tricky to install

If somebody requires a gate lock which can be locked from both sides, and this is something which would be ideal for a commercial property, then this lock is going to be absolutely perfect.

5. Pacific Doorware Storefront Door Mortise Lock

This Pacific Doorware Storefront Door Mortise Lock will provide the highest security level. But it will need to be welded into place which will require the use of a bit more than basic tools.

This mortise gate lock is nigh on impossible to break. So this means that it is going to be ideal for the most secure parts of a property. It is rated for extreme weather too. Which means that it should be incredibly reliable no matter the situation.


  • Reliable
  • Built to last
  • Modern looking


  • Installation little bit difficult

For the most secure parts of a property, there is little that is going to beat the quality of a good mortise gate lock like this one.

6. SmartKey Gate Lock N109-080 by National Hardware

SmartKey Gate Lock N109-080 allows you to change the keyway configuration with a simple movement. First, insert your old key into the lock. Then, turn right 90 degrees and remove the key.

Then insert the smartkey (included in the kit product) into the lock and turn left 180 degrees. Finally, insert the new key into the lock and turn right 180 degrees. After that, the keyway adapts to the new key and the older one becomes unusable.

To open the door from the inside, you just have to push down a metal trigger. This system adapts to all types of swinging gates from 0.75-2.5 inches thick. You can use it on both left and right swinging gates.

In each case, the installation procedure varies, so you should consult the user manual. The complete kit includes two keys.


  • Keyway adapts to the shape of the key.
  • Safe and resistant.
  • 2 Keys included.


  • No easy installation.
  • It’s difficult to turn the key inside the lock.

7. Seco-Larm Enforcer Electromagnetic Gate Lock

It’s solid, resistant and can withstand great efforts. If someone tries to force the system, it will surely take a long time to open the gate. When activated, this magnetic lock can apply a holding force of 600 lbs.

You can trigger the lock from a remote distance using a switch or a remote control. These gadgets don’t come with the installation kit. Therefore, you’ll have to buy each item separately.

You’ll no longer have to manipulate the gate to open or close. The magnetic attraction is enough to do the job automatically. Although it’s a cheap product, you should consider the extra expenses that you’ll have to do to make it work.


  • Controllable from a remote distance.
  • Durable and resistant.
  • You don’t need to move the gate to open or close.


  • You need to buy additional items to make it work.
  • It’s useless without electric power.

8. Gate Crafters Automatic Gate Lock (GCLOCK)

Ideal for all types of dual gates. Gate Crafters Automatic Gate Lock combines the action of a solenoid and a gate latch. When the solenoid receives electric charge, it releases the lock. When the electrical signal ends, a spring pushes the gate latch and blocks both leafs of the gate.

In contrast to other electrical systems, Gate Crafters Automatic Gate Lock remains locked without electrical charge. In that case, you can release the lock manually with a key.

The gate latch is solid, robust and difficult to break. No one would dare to force something like that. The complete kit includes the required wiring, receiver, electric lock and two keys.


  • The system remains locked without electric charge.
  • Easy installation.
  • High resistance to external agents.


  • It tends to get stuck.
  • Circuit board damages with time.

9. Lockey Chain Link Gate Keyless Lock

Although it works with a keypad, it doesn’t require electricity to operate. You can install it in left or right position, with a simple change in the installation procedure. It’s made with steel to withstand the toughest conditions. It’s also resistant to corrosion.

You can activate the passage function to allow free transit of users. This feature makes it a suitable product for emergency exits. To open the mechanism, you just need to press the keys in the correct order.

You can change the key combination whenever you want for greater security. With this system, you won’t have to worry about taking the keys with you everywhere to open the door. However, it isn’t the most recommended system for people with memory problems.


  • Doesn’t require electricity to operate.
  • High resistance to external factors.


  • Water can get inside the mechanism.
  • Makes you spend more time to open.

10. BLACK LAKZ P1 Economical Garden/Pedestrian Gate Lock

It uses three latches for a safer locking. Each latch is a solid stainless steel rod which extends up to 23 mm within the housing. Its locking system is similar to that of a safe. Ideal for 1.5-inch thick gates.

You can install it to open on left or right direction. Its polyamide housing is lightweight but very resistant. It doesn’t degrade with high temperatures, humidity and other external agents. This lock is specially designed to fit with square posts, with transverse dimensions greater than 1.5×1.5 inches.


  • Uses 3 different latches, as a safe.
  • High resistance to external agents.
  • Fits better with square angles.


  • Not recommended for driveway gates with round frames.
  • Polymer not as resistant as steel.

Buying Guide

There is a wide range of gate lock available in the market. It guarantees you will be able to find the perfect match for your gate. However, to pick the best it is crucial that you also know and understand what type of gate you have. By finding the right combination you may obtain the greatest advantages of the gate lock while keeping the gate working at its best.

To buy the best gate lock, it is mandatory to follow a perfect buying guide. So, our experiences are here to give you the best knowledge on gate lock. If you follow these guidelines, you can buy a perfect gate lock which will suit perfectly to your gate. So, let’s go see what to check before you buy a gate lock.


Although it is common that garden gates are located outside it is not the only thing that matters when it comes to location. In other words, there are specific areas such as the beach, farms, and types of industries, to name a few, that determine the gate lock you have to buy.

For instance, for beaches, it is important that you select anti-corrosive materials. On the other hand, gate farms require more resistant materials such as iron, as they might have to contain animal force. For extreme weather conditions, strong stainless steel might be the best choice. In addition, some domestic locks might need easier mechanisms than industrial gates.


Moisture is the worst enemy of metal. If you live in a humid area, you’ll have problems if you buy a low-quality gate lock. Some models use galvanized metals to prevent corrosion.

However, when the outer zinc layer is too thin, sooner or later rust will appear. It’s better to opt for a thicker and more waterproof coating. Powder coated metals behave better in coastal environments.

In contrast with paint, powder coating doesn’t require liquid solvents. Usually, during the drying process, the paint tends to run due to gravity, causing an uneven finish. In addition, the dry paint layer doesn’t maintain the same thickness on all sides.

Rust will begin to appear first through the parts where the paint layer is thinner. With powder coating this doesn’t happen. Powder coating isn’t in a liquid medium. It’s a powder formed by small particles of thermoplastic or polymer.

By running a small electric charge on the piece to coat, the metal becomes an electromagnet, attracting those small particles that are evenly distributed on the surface. Finally, the metal piece enters into an oven where the powder melts and crystallizes.

The final layer of powder coating not only protects the piece from moisture, it also makes it more resistant. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best gate lock, be sure it’s powder coated.


Traditionally, a gate lock is manufactured in different types of metal such as iron, stainless steel, and more. However, in the last years, new options for materials have appeared. These new materials seem to be equally resistant and offer new products features that are worthy to check.

For small and not too heavy gates, you don’t need materials that are too strong. Just make sure that the amount of metal in the product is enough to withstand high impacts as products features. The lower the thickness of the metal, it will tend to bend and break more easily.

Sometimes a gate lock may be fully manufactured in one material. But other times it may be manufactured with a combination of them. By combining materials, the fabricants are being able to create stronger and lightweight gate locks.


For instance, the Keystone Lockable product is manufactured with a combination of stainless steel and nylon polymer. It makes it lightweight, anti-corrosion and therefore ideal for beach properties.

It’s true that these models of nylon polymer and metal are lightweight and easy to install. But they aren’t exactly the most resistant. Any thief could easily break the polymer housing of the lock and easily open the gate.

If your gate protects things that are too valuable, you can’t settle for gate locks that are too cheap. You necessarily have to opt for those large and heavy duty solid metal models. Without the correct key, they’re almost impossible to unlock.

However, if you have in mind to install one of those large gate locks, make sure that the thickness of the gate leaf is sufficient. Usually, the recommended thickness for installing the gate lock appears in the product specifications.

When checking the material, it is also important to consider the material of the gate where the gate lock will be installed. This is to say that the material of the gate reveals how much weight it can take from a gate lock to work easily without getting broken.

In addition, the fabricants make special designs for certain materials as they look better and function better on them.


Long are those days when there was only a gate lock model. Smart designs and new technologies offer endless possibilities for a new gate lock. You have many models that may provide the best high security. However, traditional models like the Masterlock Padlock are still a great option as they are reliable and very easy to use. So, it is able to provides more security.

Most gate locks use keys to open. If you opt for one of these, you’ll have to spend money to copy the keys included in the product kit. Especially when several users will constantly manipulate the gate. Some people thinks this is less security. That is why most people loves to buy keyless lock for better security as it is really good and safe.

Most kits include 2 keys. However, some include only one. In that case, you better make several copies of the key right after receiving the product. If you install the gate lock and lose the key within a few days, you’ll have serious problems.

The bad side of using key gate locks is that they force you to carry the keys with you everywhere. If you forget your keys frequently, you’ll suffer several headaches. The keyless mechanisms could be an excellent alternative for you.

Security Level

On the other hand, keyless models provide an extra level of security and may save you from using and keeping keys. Some of them may work with only a combination like the National Yard. But others require batteries and more sophisticated mechanisms like the Mighty Mule.

It also includes keys for using it manually when necessary. In any case, these gate locks are great alternatives for places where many people need to pass through and prefer an easy way to get in and out.

Some keyless gate locks use a keypad to open. The user must only press the correct key combination to unlock the mechanism. However, doing this will take longer than just inserting a key, turning and opening. Especially if you have to put on your reading glasses every time you use the keypad.

If you aren’t good at remembering numbers, you better not opt ​​for a keypad. In addition, if a thief manages to know the key combination, he can enter your property without having to force the gate.

Most keypads need electricity to function. That means that in case of a blackout, you’ll have to unlock the system manually. If this isn’t possible, you’ll have to wait for the electric service to return to open the gate.

Something similar happens with magnetic locks. Magnetic locks work with an electromagnet. The pass of electricity through a metal piece is what generates the magnetic force that keeps the gate leafs blocked.

But don’t forget, keyless lock is the only high security lock. Key lock also provides great security if you can choose the right lock.

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks without latches are virtually useless without electricity. When electricity is gone, the gate remains open. Therefore, if you’re going to buy a magnetic gate lock, make sure it includes a latch. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy a gate latch separately. When convenient, you can activate some magnetic gym locks remotely using a cable and a push info button, a remote control and even a smartphone.

In addition, a new trend that combines traditional mechanisms with automatic sets is also available. Among them, the National Yard provides a lock along with the latch. Others allow you to open the gate lock from both sides of the gate and others allow you to handle it automatically.

Combined mechanisms offer an extra level of security. Above all, any version you choose will depend greatly on your own preference and the level of security you want to install.


Before buying any model, make sure that the fasteners included in the kit are strong enough. Very small fasteners won’t provide the necessary pressure to keep the gate lock in the right place.

If the fasteners are too short and too thin, they tend to bend and break with high impacts. If they don’t have the required strength, they could break when trying to set them on hard materials.

Also make sure that the thread is adequate to ensure optimum grip. Pointy fasteners are better for drilling when there’s no hole in the material.

Gate Shape

Today, there are many different gate types with different shapes. Some ornamental gates have complex shapes that combine different elements in one piece. However, not all gate locks adapt well to those shapes.

Most generic gate locks adapt to gates with straight leafs. Many of them use metal flanges to set on a flat surface. If your gate has an unconventional shape, it’s likely that most gate locks in the market won’t fit.

Before buying a specific gate lock, first imagine how it would look like on your gate. If it doesn’t fit, think of a way to achieve it. You may have to adapt a rectangular frame to the gate.

Maybe doing this would ruin the aesthetics. Buying a gate lock isn’t only about security, it’s also about aesthetics. The design of the lock case should match the overall design of the gate.

Design and Decorative Style

In order to add more security and technology, some gate locks are becoming bigger and more visible. Because of it, a gate lock becomes part of your decor. You can go from traditional to high tech models and combine them with your style. There is no reason for adding a gate lock that doesn’t match your style. Many models come in different colors and designs for the box and they can enhance your decor.

For example, it wouldn’t be advisable to adapt modern design gate locks with old-style gates. It would look horrible. Nor should you adapt big locks in small gates. If proportions aren’t correct, the whole won’t look good.

Vinyl and hard wood gates look good with metal gate locks. However, in the market you can find some gate locks with metal and vinyl cases. These models combine better with gates of the same material and are almost imperceptible. From a long distance, nobody would notice that there’s a lock in the gate.

Easy of Installation

If you are planning to install a gate lock on your own, it is very important to find a piece that includes clear instructions along with all the tools it requires. Nowadays, many gate locks offer videos on How to Install them. On the other hand, you must carefully check that the products features of your gate match properly with the gate lock. Therefore, you should check the material of the gate, its dimensions, weight, and location.

Sometimes you might be required to make some changes to the gate in order to adapt it to the new mechanism. If so, check if you are willing to complete such changes and the costs they would imply. If you decide to go for a technician, try to ask him in advance if he is able to install the gate lock you want.


Every buyer dreams of acquiring the best gate lock in the market. Unfortunately, price is the main obstacle. Depending on the quality of the lock, some may overcome the $100 barrier.

Not all locks work well with all types of gates. For example, those expensive models, made of solid metal are too large for small gates. They’re also too rigid and heavy for certain materials such as wood gates and vinyl.

Since the lock case is much stiffer than the outdoor gate material, with large impacts, the gate leaf tends to break around the lock case. For these cases, locks of metal and polymer are the best, because they aren’t so rigid.

Also, you won’t have to spend a fortune to buy them. However, if you have a large and heavy gate, you’ll need a more expensive lock.

Budget Price

If the model you’re thinking to buy is out of your budget, it’s better to look for other alternatives. The product brand greatly influences the price. You could buy locks from less popular brands, which meet the same technical specifications of the product you need.

Before buying, it’s also good to look for different offers. Internet is the best place to do this. You can visit some shopping websites and compare prices. But don’t trust in too cheap products.

They could be imitations. Reading reviews guide from other buyers will help you determine the true quality of the product. Finally, when you find a model that meets each of your requirements, it’s time to buy.

Best Brands of Gate Lock

Many trustable brands are on the run to offer the best gate lock. Lucky for you, it is possible to find excellent pieces either from those brands or generic pieces. Below some of the most trustable brands that you might consider.

Master Lock

This brand refers to itself as a company offering “Access Management Solutions.”  This is because they produce several types of locks that may serve many doors and gates. It stands out for innovating by adding Apps and portable locks. In addition, they keep updating traditional models with better materials and mechanisms. With this brand, you can be fully protected.


It is not by chance that you consider this name familiar for gate locks. This is a well-known brand all over the world that stands out for the high quality of its security products. That is to say that they take special care in the combination of design and functionality. In the last years, they have been adding a portfolio of new locks with the latest technology that includes digital options with new materials. As a result, it is almost impossible to go wrong with a Yale gate lock.

Mighty Mule

The Mighty Mule brand is mainly focused on outdoor gate openers. However, they took advantage of their experience to manufacture an extraordinary line of accessories that include some of the best gate locks of the market.  As they know all the details about gates, their proposals for each gate lock are very practical. Their designs are thought to fit perfectly well their designs. If you own a mighty mule gate opener it is worthy to check what they offer before you make your final decision.


For this brand, almost everything is lockable to guarantee our safety. Therefore, they have developed an extensive line of locks for industrial, residential, and many other purposes. They have a global presence and excellent customer service through their representatives. In addition, they continuously patent new technology and keep very innovative designs.

Gate Lock FAQ’s

Well, here are some common questions with answers. Hope these will help you to know details about gate lock within a short time.

Q1: How resistant has to be a gate lock?

Answer: It mostly depends on the type of gate you have. Traditional gate locks ten to be the more resistant but new models are very reliable too.

Q2: Do I always need professional help to install my lock gate?

Answer: No, some gate locks allow DIY installation. Many manufacturers offer clear instructions on how to install them and you can do it easily.

Q3: Is it better a keyless gate lock?

Answer: A keyless gate lock can be a simple mechanism for gate locks that do not require too much security, such as pool gates or internal gates. Other keyless gate locks may be smart and digitals. The decision to buy a keyless gate lock mostly depends on the level of security you prefer and the ease of use.

Q4: How long does a gate lock last?

Answer: Gate locks tend to last many years. Because of it, it is advisable to take the necessary time to make the best decision.

Q5: Are smart gate locks suitable for external gates?

Answer: Yes, smart gate locks are suitable for external gates. The piece can be covered to get protected from extreme weather conditions.

Q6: Can I replace my old gate lock with a new model?

Answer: Yes, you can replace itYou would need to find a gate lock with similar dimensions or make some adjustments to the gate to make it fit.

Q7: Which gate locks are better? Generic or brand gate locks?

Answer: Although brand gate locks offer the guarantee of trustable companies, generic pieces are also an excellent choice. Many generic pieces use strong materials with great designs that can fit very well to your gate. Also, they are more affordable than originals.

Q8: How can I make my gate more secure?

Answer: It is really important to secure your gate to protect your home. Thanks that you decided to secure your gate. Well, I hope already you knew how to secure your gate perfectly. If you still have anything to know, just leave your comment below comment box.

Q9: What is the best padlock to buy?

Answer: In this article we have enlisted the best padlock. You can rely on our research and buy it.

Q10: How do you secure a gate latch?

Answer: It will be better if you read our this article: Best Gate Latch Reviews & Buying Guideline for more in details. There is a bunch of gate latches list. Those gate latches are selected and perfect for any gate and door. So, you can rely on these gate latches for sure.

Verdict Line

Our listed gate locks are perfect, top, cheap and best. So, if you are interested to buy the perfect and best one, you can rely on our listed best gate locks.

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