5 Easy Tips to Choose Gate Locks for Metal Gates

Part of the reasons why people decide to install metal gates relies on the high security this material offers. In addition, they are easy to maintain and easy to install. But metal gates do not offer their best features on their own. They must be matched with adequate gate locks for metal gates to get the best of them.

In general, metal gates can support many types of gate locks. However, among all the models and features it might time an additional effort to find the right one. This is why before you start your search you should consider these following tips to choose an automatic gate lock for your metal gates:

Easy 5 Steps to Choose A Gate Locks

So, you are looking for a gate lock for your metal gates. Is it? Well, here are easy 5 steps that can help you to make your decision final.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Metal gates can be installed outdoor or indoor. Their location determines how resistant must be the gate locks. For example, when the gate is continuously exposed to weather conditions, the gate lock should have a traditional mechanism. On the other hand, if it is located indoor, you might add high tech gate locks, such as digital or electronic models.

Tech or Traditional?

This is a very common doubt. If you can determine in advance which is better for your gate, you can narrow your search in big ways. Although traditional models can be more oriented to outdoor gates, it is not the only factor to consider. This is to say, factors such as commercial or domestic use, level of security, and design of the gate are very important too. For instance, if you need a high level of security, more sophisticated models such as keyless lock would be perfect. If you have a gate pool, then latches or swimming pool gate locks would be a great addition.

What Model?

Nowadays, there are many models. However, Lock Boxes are among the most widely used. They increase the security of the gate as the mechanism gets blinded inside the door. But metal gates offer great advantages when it comes to the type or model they can support. For instance, you can add magnetic locks for commercial use or keyless locks.

Dimensions of the Metal Gate

Although many gate locks are suitable for metal gates, the dimensions of the gate can give you a better clue to determine which model you can use. It is common that gate locks include their handles. If so, a heavy metal gate would require bigger and stronger gate locks that can easily open and close the door.

On the other hand, when the gate locks do not include a handle, such as lock boxes or magnetic locks, they can go with almost any size. In addition, keep in mind that metal gates can also have more than one gate locks to increase the security or the holding force.

DIY or Professional Installation?

In the world of metal gate locks, both methods of installation are completely valid. However, consider that latches, lock, and levers, as well as lock boxes, can be easier to install. If you go for models such as magnetic and solenoid locks, perhaps you might need some professional installation. In the end, it will also depend on your ability to handle the installation.


To sum up, above steps may vary widely. Therefore, you have plenty of options to combine them with your decorative style.

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