Learn Details About Different Gate Latches Types

When analyzing different gate latches types, it is essential to take into consideration that they are visible hardware parts. Therefore, their style and look are very important.

Part of the alternatives of gate latches types available in the market takes that into account. Most of them are very functional parts with great designs. To buy perfect gate latches for your gate or home, you should know about these types.

Different Gate latches Types

In addition, these features are also mixed with several materials that create interesting pieces to easily attract the first impression of every visitor. Similarly, types of gate latches are commonly practical designs. Their continuous use makes necessary that they are easy to open and close. That is to say, when you learn about different types of latchesthink about these issues:

  • Mechanisms
  • Decorative designs
  • Materials etc.


According to the mechanism, types of mechanism gate latches can have 4 models as below:

Thumb Latches

This model uses a thumb oppressor to open and close. Usually, they have 2 parts; one external and other internal. The thumb oppressor is located on the external side and sometimes may include a lock mechanism.

Ring Latches

Ring Latches models are two-sided too. In both sides, it includes a back plate and a ring. But the internal also has a catch that holds the arm. When you turn the ring, the arm gets out of the catch.

Lever Latches

This types of mechanism gate latches work in the same way that ring latches but use a lever handle instead. You may find some lockable options.

Bolt Latches

You can only use this model in one side. It works as simple as sliding the bolt into the catch. If they are big enough, they can hold a separate lock. However, you can´t add an integrated lock to the latch. Therefore, you must be sure before you select it. Once you get a small one without a lock you will not be able to make it lockable.


According to the material, gate latches can be found in the following types:


This type is the most popular material for gate latches. It is not a coincidence as it is the most durable and resistant material. It is ideal for rustic areas and can be found in many models. However, they may accumulate rust easily, so maintenance should be done carefully.

Stainless Steel

These are suitable latches for industrial and commercial gates. Neat and clean areas can also be appropriate for this material. They are also very resistant to corrosion, heat, and chemicals. In addition, they are easy to clean and maintain.

Mild Steel

In the last years, a combination of stainless steel and carbon appeared and is known as mild steel. Its price is more affordable than stainless steel. It is also easier to mold. Moreover, if you are eco-friendly, you should know this material is highly recyclable without losing its properties.


This is the king of them all. Most luxurious designs come in this material and it is totally worthy. It is resistant and durable.


These latches are not very common but still have their public. They produce a good sense when you manipulate them and just need to polish them from time to time to keep their look.


Material is used for antique designs. In fact, you can find real antiques made with this material. It is also commonly used for hand-made latches. If you are a looking for a personalized design, this is an interesting material to go for. It is very resistant and maintenance is doable.


According to the design, types of design gate latches can be found in a wide range of options. All the mechanisms can be reproduced in all the materials. However, there are some preferences for some combinations of designs and materials for some landscapes and zones.

For instance, iron is perfect for rustic areas but is not recommended for beach zones because of the rust. They are usually big pieces but you can choose any size you want.

On the other hand, bronze is a favorite for colonial, antique, and old-world designs. They are usually very elaborated with plenty of ornaments. Stainless steel is preferred for modern and minimalistic designs. They look very neat and contemporary. Industrial facilities are also a good place for them. Their designs are simple but elegant.


Learning details about gate latches is the key to find the best hardware for you. They are small pieces that stand out for their designs and materials. At first, you can be amazed by the variety of models and designs you can find. But exploring what fits better to our gate and what you dream of it will make a difference for the ideal latch. And then, you should install gate latch perfectly else it will not be fit for your home.

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