Best Gate Latch

The most security part of a gate is a gate latch. So, you should buy the best gate latch for your home gate.

Don’t forget, it’s really important to buy the perfect gate latches for a home. If you don’t, your home is in the risk.

Top 10 Best Gate Latch Reviews

Gate latches need to be secure. So, if a person does not stick a lock on a gate, then it is the gate latch. Which will stand between everything behind the gate being protected or lost.

In an ideal world, a person would choose a locking gate latch. This will provide the right amount of protection for anything behind the door.

The editor has selected the top 10 gate latches based on a lot of different criteria. Although each gate latch found in this section has also been judged on its own merits. Criteria include:

  • The overall strength of the gate latch
  • How simple it is for a person to install the gate latch.
  • Whether the gate latch includes any extra features which improve functionality.

As anybody can tell from these good gate hardware reviews, there is not a single stone which has been left unturned in ensuring that only the perfect gate hardware is recommended to people.

1. Brass Valley – 4″ Black Flip Latch – Solid Cast Brass

This may seem like a simple gate latch. But it is anything. Sure, it does not have a whopping number of features. But it is incredibly sturdy. If this latch is positioned in the right place, it is nigh on impossible for it to be forced out of position. So this is due to five separate screws holding it in position.

If this was not enough, it is a latch which also looks fantastic. While it is a gate latch which has probably been built more for modern properties. So the design does not stand out too much. Which means that it can easily be slotted into more rustic properties too.


  • Easy to install
  • Secure
  • Looks great


  • Does not have a locking mechanism

Yes, this is a simple latch with no special features. For a person looking to simply have something to keep their gate shut, they will struggle to do better than this.

2. Self Locking Automatic Gravity Lever Fence Gate Latch

Well, this gravity lever latch is a self locking gate latch. Couple this with automatic closing hinges, and the gate will be locked. Even on those occasions where people tend to forget to give the gate one last pull. Once the level has latched into place, it is tough to budge too. So, it is better to choose a chain link fence gate latch.

For a bit more added security with this lock, it would be wise to add a padlock to it. So there are holes on this automatic gravity latch which will easily accommodate padlocks of most sizes. This will added even more functionality to it.

While the latch may look complex, it is easy to install. All it takes is a few well-placed screws and the latch is ready to work.


  • Self-Locking
  • Secure once locked
  • Easy to add a padlock to when required
  • Looks good


  • Simple design

Obviously, this is not the most beautiful gate latch in the world. But for somebody who needs something cheap. Which will still add a level of security to their property. So you may struggle to find something better than this.

3. Henson Automatic Gate Latch for Wooden Fences Metal Gates

Henson Automatic Gate Latch is a latch which has been built for a very specific purpose. This is for barn doors. If somebody wants a latch for their standard door. Well, then this is probably not going to be a good fit for them. It can be used as both an outdoor gate latch as well as an indoor one. And many people using this as a gate latch for barn doors in their home.

This is a gate latch which will be a touch trickier than a traditional latch to install. But not so that a person won’t be able to install it within about thirty minutes. Or so with some basic tools located nearby.

I don’t say, it is the most secure latch in the world. So it will need to be combined with a quality lock if a person is looking for the ultimate level of protection.


  • Multi purposes latches
  • Easy to install
  • Long time warranty (5 years)


  • Bit more easy than most gate latches to install

Look for gate latches at Lowes, and this is the type that will never be found. It is unique, and it looks amazing. Perfect for anybody that needs a latch for their barn doors.

4. Alise MS9001 Stainless Steel Flip Latch – Brushed Finish

This flip latch is as simple as latches come. It is ideal for those people who need a cheap latch to close their doors, rather than something which will offer a high level of protection. There is no automatic closing mechanism with this latch, so it is something which will need to be manually closed.

Despite being cheap, it has been constructed from a quality stainless steel. This means that it is a latch which should work in just about every environment, and something which is unlikely to ever rust when you are using it. So the meaning is that it is unlikely that it will ever seize up. Which is something which does cause problems with other gate latches on the market.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to install
  • Lasts forever


  • Not very secure

This is one of the best pieces of gate hardware that can be purchased when there is little money to play about with. Providing that the area protected does not need to be that secure, this latch is perfect. A person just needs to remember to flip the latch into place when they are done using it.

5. Boerboel 73024440 Gravity Latch

As with all Boerboel gate hardware on the market, this one comes with a full lifetime warranty for normal use. This shows just how much confidence the company has in the fact that this is going to last.

This is made for those larger gates, with installation on posts that are 2″ or later, and a gate which has 1” or larger upright. If a person has a smaller gate than this, then it may not be ideal.

The gravity system on this works smooth as butter, with the gate neither closing too fast or too slow.

To give an idea as to how brilliant this spring loaded gate latch is at standing up to any condition; it is one of only a few gate latches on the market which has been rated for dealing with sea water. So, if a company or property is located by the sea, then this may be the best gravity latch on the market.


  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for all gate types
  • Suitable for all conditions


  • Not good for smaller gates

If somebody is after a gate latch which has been built to last and has one of the smoothest closest mechanisms out of all latches, then this is right for them.

6. Speeco 16100100 Two-Way Lockable Gate Latch

For the highest level of security for a property, anybody would struggle to get something better than this Speeco Two Way Lockable Gate Latch. So, you can use this two way gate latch.

As the name suggests; this latch can be locked in two different positions, which means that it is going to be tough to break through. Couple this with the other gate hardware being used, and this will provide the highest level of security.

It is a bit trickier to install, but it can still be installed with the most common of tools so this is not that much of an issue.


  • Very secure
  • Easily opened with one hand
  • Nigh on impossible to break


  • Trickier to install

For a high security latch, it would be impossible to find something better than this on the market, at least not without spending a lot of cash on it.

7. Keystone Black Zinc Diecast Metal Key Lockable Latch

Ideal for small gates with gapes between 0.5-1.75 inches. It fits perfectly with square frames up to 5 inches. You can set it on gates with right or left uses. It’s easy to install and you don’t need powerful tools to do it.

Its zinc diecast metal structure is resistant to corrosion and high impacts. Its black coating provides extra protection against UV rays. It can support up to one million uses without causing problems.

The complete kit includes a 2-sided gate latch, a pin keeper, 4 keys and screws. With the help of drill with a screwdriver tip, you must set the latch on the gate frame. Finally, you must install the keeper on the edge of the gate.

When the pin gets inside the latch, the gate is completely locked. To open, you must use the keys included in the kit.


  • Easy installation.
  • Resistant and durable.


  • Very expensive.
  • The open/close mechanism tends to get stuck.

8. Trident 10 Inch Tall Black Magnetic Pool Child Safety Gate Latch

Trident 10-Inch latch is the best to install in pool safety gates to protect your little ones. Its top pull design prevents children from easily opening it. It fits perfectly with gates with square frames, with gapes between 0.38-1.5 inches.

To install it on round tubes, you need to buy an adapter from the same brand separately.

It works well with both left and right swinging gates. The installation can vary in each case, so it’s recommendable take a look in the manual user. The complete kit includes a 10-inch magnetic latch, 2 keys and screws.

Its black powder coating makes it more resistant to external agents. As in other models, the first million uses without failures are a guarantee.

The magnet inside Trident 10-Inch latch is very powerful and allows a perfect fit with less effort. You won’t have to push the gate very hard to lock the pin inside the mechanism.


  • Safe for children.
  • Durable and resistant.
  • Modern design.


  • Installation instructions difficult to understand.
  • Round post mounting hardware not included.

9. National Hardware N346-204 MagnaLatch Automatic Magnetic Pool Safety Latch

Another suitable model for pool safety gates. If you want to keep your children and pets away from the water, better install one of these in your gate. Its top pull design makes it impossible for children to open it. To be calmer, you can also use a key to lock it.

Its permanent magnets are very powerful and never lose their properties because they’re isolated from the outside environment. Once installed, you can adjust the vertical and horizontal position very easily.

It’s durable and rust resistant. In addition, it will always remain closed no matter how many times your children hit the gate. It fits perfectly in gates with square frames. If you have round frame gates, you’ll need to make some modifications to install it.


  • Durable and resistant.
  • Safe for children.
  • Easy to install.


  • Very expensive.
  • Kids sooner or later figure out how to open it.

10. D&D Technologies LokkLatch Deluxe LLDAB-K Heavy Duty Gate Latch

D&D Technologies is one of the most famous brands of gate locks. The LokkLatch Deluxe is a robust, resistant and very difficult to break model. If you put one of these in your gate, security on your property is a guarantee.

Resistant to high and low temperatures and great efforts. Its black coating makes it resistant to rust. Its pin is larger and stronger than other models with the same price. This oversized latch gate provides maximum satisfaction.

It’s very easy to install and to do so you just need to drill a hole in the gate frame. Once installed, you can adjust its horizontal and vertical position with little effort. Made of stainless steel and polymer for maximum durability. That is why maximum people loves stainless steel gate latch.

So, it is really good to choose a double sided lockable gate latch. Let’s see pros and cons of this 2 way gate latch.


  • Durable and resistant.
  • Easy installation.
  • Modern design.


  • Very expensive.
  • The key tends to get stuck inside the latch.

Buying Guide

So you are here, because you are going to buy a gate latch, right? Well, that’s the reason, I am going to write a buying guide for you to select your perfect gate latches.

A gate latch is a simple but very effective mechanism to provide you with security and easy traffic through certain areas. Despite its simplicity, some features can improve greatly the space where you install it.

So, you are here, because you are going to buy a utility trailer gate latch, right? Well, that’s the reason, I am going to write a buying guide for you to select your perfect gate latches. By understanding and following it you will be able to find the best piece for you.

Level of Security

Usually, a gate latch provides security by controlling access to certain areas. It only requires the closure of the gate and the arm, striker bar or any other part to engage to the latching part. This simple mechanism only works to control the access but it is logical that you want additional security. In such cases, there are some alternatives to increase it.

Firstly, you may consider a gate latch with a lock. In this case, you must check it has the additional part it needs to support such lock. Secondly, you can opt for a gate latch that includes its own locking mechanism through a key or a combination.

In addition, you can find a self-locking gate latch that automatically gets locked when closing the door. So, you can choose heavy duty door latch to do it. Gravity gate latches are also an excellent way to opt for an automatic mechanism.  Above all, you have to check the area you need to secure and consider if it is worthy to increase its level of security.

Locking Pin Diameter

The operation of gate latches is quite easy to understand. A metal pin interposes between the gate leaf and the frame or between two gate leafs to lock. In some models the procedure may vary, but most gate latches on the market work according to this principle.

If the gate leaf tries to move, the locking pin must be strong enough to not bend or break. The more area has a gate, the greater must be the diameter of the locking pin. Especially when it’s outdoors.

When the wind blows over the gate, the force exerted on the pin increases when the surface is larger. Obviously, when a gate has more area, it’s also heavier.

For that reason, latches for very heavy gates are so big. If your gate is too big, don’t accept locking pins too small or too thin. They’ll surely bend or brake in a day with strong winds.

Stainless steel is the best material for a locking pins. It’s resistant to rust, high temperatures and great efforts. Aluminum locking pins only work well with too small gates.

Although aluminum is less resistant than stainless steel, it also has a high resistance to rust. Therefore, it’s also recommended for outdoor uses. Galvanized iron is resistant to great efforts and rust.

However, when exposed to external agents, the protective zinc layer begins to degrade until finally rust appears.

It’ isn’t suitable that the locking pin remains fully exposed in coastal environments with high humidity. It’s better to opt for those models where the locking pin remains isolated from the outside environment.

Gate Frame Shape

You should know that most gate latches in the market only fit on square frames. However, not all gates support on square frames. Some use round tubes for this purpose.

Not having a square frame could be a big problem, especially if you only have money to buy the gate latch. In case of round frames, you’ll need to buy a special adapter separately to install your gate latch.

Unfortunately, not all gate latches have special adapters. In those cases, you’ll have to do the adapter for yourself or let an expert do it for you. The adapter material must be quite resistant.

For hardwood or vinyl fence gate latch, a square hardwood frame works well. For steel gates, a square steel tube is better. If you want to keep it stable in the same place, you’ll need to apply welding. If your gate frames aren’t square, you should reserve extra money for the adapter if you don’t find appropriate gate latches.


When we talk about functionality, we refer to the type of gate latch you can choose. For better or for worse, there are many types of gate latches with many different mechanisms. Some of them are focused on the design and others try to be as practical as possible.

When looking for the functionality you should pay attention to how many people will use the gate latch. As you have more people opening and closing the gate latch it would be better to have a simple one. But if the gate is not frequently used perhaps you can focus your selection on the design and your own taste.


Gate latches tend to last many years after you install them. Therefore, you might need to adjust its position from time to time. It might happen because of the frequent use, misalignment of the gate and posts, or because of the material of the gate.

For instance, some materials such as wood get expanded according to weather conditions. As a result, it can get to tight or to lose.  For this reason, it would be ideal to have an adjustable gate latch. You can also choose a wooden gate lock both sides for more adjustable. Because, wood gate latch opens both sides easily and soundlessly.

An adjustable gate latch allows you to keep the closing/opening mechanism of your gate working at its best. Such adjustability feature is available through an easy mechanism to remove and adjust screws and all the pieces of the gate latch. For example, you can find pieces with a plurality of paired apertures either in the plate and the locking bar. This way you will be always able to adjust it.


The simplicity of the gate latches has not avoided that many designs appear in the market. Many variations are based on the use of the gate, the material, and ultimately the aesthetic that many customers want to find. Although they are manufactured in hard materials such as iron or stainless steel, they can adopt extraordinary designs that easily appeal to anyone.

Consequently, you can choose among a wide range of models that include thumb, bold, ring, and lever gate latches. In addition, they are manufactured in many materials, sizes, and colors that give you a huge opportunity to find what you really need.

Before all this variety, you would need to check the appropriate size for your gate. In addition, the style of your decor, and the colors. Most of them are available in black or silver. However, you can add your own color by painting them.

Easy of Installation

Installing a gate latch is the perfect DIY project! No matter the size or model of the piece, it is only necessary to have a drill and the tools included with the gate latch. However, make sure you read the instructions before you make your final decision. Certainly, you will find different models that can make you consider which is easier for you.

Magnetic vs. Mechanic

Today, there are many types of gate latches. The most common are:

  • Magnetic
  • Mechanic

Magnetic gate latches use magnetic force to lock. They’re very practical and you don’t need to exert much pressure to place the gate leaf in the right place. The magnetic attraction does that job for you.

They’re ideal for small gates, such as those used to keep children and pets away from swimming pools. To open, you usually have to pull a small lever. They’re easy to install and very light. However, they’ aren’t the most recommended for heavy duties.

Some magnetic latches include an additional locking system for added security. However, these don’t have sufficient strength to maintain big gates locked.

Mechanic gate openers are more appropriate to resist high efforts. A metal pin or other solid metal piece is responsible for resisting shear efforts to keep the gate locked. The greater the effort they resist, the bigger and heavier they’re.

Although very resistant, with the pass of time, mechanic pieces from these devices tend to rust and lose lubrication. Therefore, they need constant maintenance to stay operational when they’re installed outdoors.


Usually, most gate latches aren’t too expensive. With at least $30 you could buy a decent model for a small or medium gate. However, the biggest models, ideal for big gates, can easily overcome the $100 barrier.

Before buying any model, you should always know how much money you’re willing to spend. That way, your range of possible purchase options reduces.

Evaluate the quality and main features of the best products in the market. Knowing before the characteristics of your gate to choose the best option. Also pay attention to what other buyers say about a certain gate latch.

Most manufacturing companies don’t talk about the disadvantages of their product s. Instead, those who have used the same latch gate for years know each and every one of their weak points. They’re your best source of information.

Ask as many questions as possible. If you aren’t an expert, check several websites if necessary. Learn how gate latches work, which are the best materials, which are the most convenient for each case.

The more you know about gate latches, the better prepared you’ll be to make the right decision.

The most expensive gate latch isn’t always the best of all. You could end up buying something with more features than you really need. It’s better to buy a resistant product at an affordable price. That way you can save some money to spend on other things.

Once you know what model you’re going to buy, evaluate different prices. Visit some physical stores and investigate prices. Also compare with prices on shopping websites. Then choose the seller that offers you the lowest price.

Best Brands of Gate Latch

There are many brands in the market of gate latch. So you may confused that, which one is perfect for you. But don’t worry. We are here to give you the best guideline. So we have researched and found few best brands of gate latch. Check the list below in few more details.

National Hardware

This is a very popular brand for gate latch and door hardware in general. Gate latches are part of its line of products and are manufactured with very high-quality. They have focused on automatic gate latches and its prices are very competitive. Also, they are widely distributed and you can find them in many physical and online stores.


The ALEKO brand offers an extensive line of products that includes gates and many accessories. Among them are the gate latches which are manufactured in very resistant materials. Its main models are adjustable and universal gate latches.

ACE Hardware

This brand is a big store focused on distributing some of the best brands of construction items. It developed its own brand for some products which include gate latches. Most of them are manufactured in stainless steel. In addition, their finishes are ideal for ornamental purposes and others are adjustable gate latches.


This brand of gate latches is developed by D&D Technologies. It gained worldwide recognition with the introduction of the Magna-Latch magnetic latch. Looking for child proof gate latch? It became the best option for pool gates and child safety gates due to its long-lasting magnets. Currently, they have expanded this type of gate latch and is worthy to check. They are very sophisticated with digital features.

Gate Latch FAQ’s

And here we are going to give you a short list of FAQ’s for gate latch. So, you can make your decision very quickly to buy a perfect gate latch.

Q1: What is the best material for gate latches?

Answer: Most of the gate latches are manufactured in metal and the favorites are iron and stainless steel. Iron is better for heavy duty gate latches and stainless steel is ideal to avoid corrosion. In this sense, it is more important to verify where you are planning to install the gate latch to decide which material is better.

Q2: Is the key locking mechanism as secure as a lock?

Answer: Although a key locking mechanism offers great security, an additional beazer lock and key may considerably increase the level of security you desire for certain areas.

Q3: Can all gates use gate latches?

Answer: Yes, all gates can support gate latches. However, keep in mind that depending on the type and material of the gate, some gate latches may be suitable or not.

Q4: Is necessary to combine all the gate hardware with the gate latch?

Answer: No, it is not necessary. However, it is possible that you want to combine them for aesthetic purposes. But you can choose the wrought iron gate hardware for a better security.

Q5: Are expensive gate latches better than affordable latches?

Answer: Not necessarily. Sometimes the price of a gate latch is determined for the design that makes it more suitable in certain areas.

Q6: Which is the best anti-corrosion material?

Answer: Aluminum and stainless steel are among anti-corrosion materials.

Verdict Line

Gate latch can give you the real security for your home. So, its really important that, it should be the perfect one. Unless your gate will not be secured.

So if you really like to be safe and secured, you must buy the perfect gate latch.

Remember, all best are not perfect. But each perfect is best. So when you will purchase something, check the perfect one, not only the best one.

This is the best practice to get the best product in your query. So here are the same way to get the best gate latch.

All the best!

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