Steps for Installing Automatic Gate Opener

Automatic gate openers are now very common around us. Certainly, they are available in many models and they go well in residential, industrial, commercial and rural areas. Part of the reasons to be so popular now is that they can be easily installed and operated. It proves that installing automatic gate opener on your property to set boundaries doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

But automatic gate openers do not only help you to improve boundaries on your property. They are also a very useful tool to help you alleviate daily routines. Opening and closing a gate whenever you need to get in or go out may take time and effort. But making use of the newest technologies when installing any automatic gate opener will help you alleviate such task.

Automatic Gate Opener Installation

Let’s see some easy steps to install the automatic gate opener that you may use as a basic guide for any model.

But remember, installation depends on types of gate opener. So make sure what type of gate opener you have.

1. Select the Right Model for Your Gate

When you select an automatic gate opener the most important issue to consider is the size and weight of the gate. This is to say that if you select the wrong size, you will be at risk of having too much power for a gate that is too small. On the other hand, a gate opener that is wrong could be too small to the point it could be easily broken due to the effort.

2. Read the Instructions

Any model of gate opener must include its instructions. Sometimes they are included in written in the same package and other times the manufacturer refers you to its website. In general, the mechanisms of install an automatic gate opener are similar for many models. However, you must pay attention to their particular instructions.

Such instructions are mostly related to electrical connections, cables, and similar stuff. Consequently, you must be really careful about them. Take into consideration that connections are the heart of the gate opener. They provide the energy to move the mechanism.

3. Check that You have All Parts of the Gate Opener

Gate openers are divided into several pieces. Therefore, they must include at least the following parts: control box with the electric motor, brackets, and the gate opener itself which is usually an arm. Most of them include the screws, cables, and all the necessary accessories to install automatic gate opener. In addition, you should have a power source close to the gate that allows you to connect the gate opener.

4. Pick the Proper Side to Install the Automatic Opener

The automatic gate opener must be located on the side of the hinges. This size is usually the internal part of the gate inside the property. It helps to guarantee the safety of the equipment.

5. Prepare the Gate

Level the gate and make sure it doesn’t have any other malfunction in order to have a successful installation. If you find any problem, fix it before you continue install the automatic gate opener.

6. Select and Mark the Place for Installing Automatic Gate Opener

Some models are single openers with just an arm and other models include two arms. In both cases, you will have to select and mark where they will go. Usually, they are placed in the middle height of the gate to guarantee the best balance.  Likewise, mark the place to install the mounting hardware that will hold the arm.

7. Attach the Brackets

Take the brackets and install them to the post. You will have to use a drill to open the holes. Then insert and adjust the screws.

8. Install the Mounting Hardware

Now it is the turn to install the mounting hardware or gate brackets and make the necessary adjustments.

9. Install the Arm

Attach the extension tube and the mobile part to the brackets and make the adjustments it might need.

10. Check and Connect the Control Box

After positioning the arm and attaching it to gate and post brackets, open the control box to do the following: check the voltage of the motor and connect it to the power source.


After completing the installation, make sure you make some trials and make the adjustments you need if any. Even though install an automatic gate opener can be an easy task, you still need to be careful and take some precautions. They will help you protect the equipment while keeping it reliable at any time.

To sum up, now that you are lucky enough to enjoy the DIY era, installing gate opener is possible if you read the instructions and connect brackets, arms, and power box. It’s never been easier to set boundaries and get the daily comfort when getting in or out of your property.

Maintenance gate opener periodically after complete the installation. So your gate opener will long last. And if you face any problem, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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