Which Types of Automatic Gate Openers You Should Buy?

Whether it gets stuck, it’s too slow, or does not have the responsiveness needed for an enjoyable operation – a bad automatic gate opener system can become a big problem at home.

Sometimes, however, these problems may happen not because the device is deficient, but for not having the right system.

In this case, it wouldn’t be the device’s fault, but the owners. And no one wants to feel like choosing the wrong product for their needs. So, here are all the types of automatic gate openers everyone needs to know if they want to pick the right device of gate hardware.

Yes, there are several gate hardware in the market. These all are needs you, if you want to look good of your home gate. Main tools of a gate are as below:

— The gate handle
— Nice gate Hinge
— Awesome gate latch
— Secured gate lock
— Automatic gate Opener

And few more.

In this article, I will discuss about gate opener types. So, you can select the best gate opener for your home.

Types of Automatic Gate Openers to Consider

Most people feel like there are hundreds of options when it comes to types of driveway gates, but there are actually just a few.

The following different kinds of gates are the most common in the market:

Swing Gates

Swing gate openers are similar to house doors. However, they may open outward or inward depending on the user’s needs or desires. Among swing gates, you can find single ones or double ones.

Single swing gates are like a bathroom door, with only one that opens inward or outward. While double swing gates are like the doors of a church, two parallel doors that open inward or outward by moving apart from each other.

Swing gates typically look better in materials such as wood yet are often much more leaning to get broken. And of course, they need more space to operate than other models.

Slide Gates

Every slide gate goes from left to right or right to left by sliding. The gate while open will go to the side and cover the same length and width as the opening of the driveway. So, it needs not as much space as a swing gate, but at least enough so it can fit when opened.

The types of sliding gates are V-track, rear pipe, or a cantilever slide gate. V-tracks are those that use a V-shaped track on which the gate is mounted so the gate can slide freely with the motor push. These are not a good option where dirt or ice buildup may happen.

Then there are rear pipe slide gates, which are similar to V-track gates in which they may use the same V-shaped track. However, these use wheels to move, so they are often smoother and faster. Also, they can be manually operated when there’s no electricity or when it is stuck.

Finally, cantilever slide gates use small rolling wheels inside the bottom part of the door to move it. These gates push the gate to move as desired, and usually are much more responsive than other options.

Sometimes, the wheels may not be installed on the bottom only, but also on the top. Sadly, they need to be much larger than others to move appropriately.

Vertical Pivot

When people talk about vertical pivot gates, they refer to those wooden or steel gates that don’t move to the sides or outward/inward – they move up and down instead.

Typically, these gates need to raise enough to let cars go in, and they are generally installed in open spaces, and they may need up to 20 feet of room to open correctly.

They can be handy when there’s no space for a swing or slide gate. However, these may not be as convenient without electricity, especially when they are metallic.


These are similar to sliding gates and can use either the cantilever or v-track system. The difference is that tandem gates don’t use only one door, but two. These gates close and open together, by moving perpendicularly.

The purpose of this type of gate is to save space on the sides, as they open by moving together and occupying only the length and width of one door but thickness of two.

So, they can be handy for anyone who doesn’t have as much space for a large sliding gate but still wants the same type.

Vertical Slide

Similar to any other slide gate, this type needs to slide open and close correctly. The thing is, they open by going up instead of going to the sides. This means the sliding process needs two canals to hold and move the door up, on each side.

They are very convenient as they don’t need as much space on the sides as others. However, they become a huge problem without electricity or when a vehicle is taller than the driveway opening. These are mostly used in high-security areas.

Conclusion – Choosing Different Types of Gates for House

When it comes to the types of entrance gates available in the market, not all will offer the desired advantage users demand.

Luckily, different types of smart gate openers fit the different needs and desires of each user.

What’s certain is that the best automatic gate openers will provide a highly enjoyable & convenient experience. Whether it is a swing gate, a sliding gate, a tandem, vertical pivot or vertical slide – it all comes down to what fits the buyer’s requirements the most. So, choose accordingly.

And if you are in problem with your gate opener, you can maintenance your gate occasionally. To learn more about maintenance automatic gate opener, you can read more here.

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