Best Garage Door Lock in 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Certainly, all doors in your home need locks. And garage doors are no exception. However, garage doors need bigger and more robust locks to keep save. Best keyless door lock provides all the security these doors require to keep thieves away.

In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the best garage door security lock for you. You’ll also find a top 10 list with the best types of garage door locks in 2022.

Benefits of Garage Door Lock

Installing garage door locks is the best way to guarantee your peace of mind. Certainly, no thief will dare to enter your property through the garage. However, best lock for garage door provides more benefits than just security. Below, you’ll also find some of them:


Certainly, garage door locks make your homer safer, because:

  • They protect your valuable possessions.
  • They protect your family.
  • Keep thieves away.
  • No one can handle them from the outside.
  • No one will enter the garage without your permission.


Also, garage door locks increase the aesthetic value of your property, because:

  • Blend with your home décor.
  • Make your garage doors more eye-catching.
  • Blend well with any garage door design.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and designs.
  • More discreet than more advanced locking systems.


Above all, garage door locks are durable, because:

  • Made to last forever.
  • Resistant to rust and high impacts.
  • Don’t require too much maintenance.
  • Can withstand heavy duties.
  • Don’t bend so easily.

Easy to Install

Certainly, garage door locks are very easy to install, because:

  • Easy to understand instructions.
  • You don’t need fancy tools to install them.
  • All required fasteners come with the product.
  • You don’t need someone else’s help during installation.
  • Short installation time.

Top 10 Garage Door Lock Reviews

Certainly, choosing best keypad door lock is essential to ensure the safety of your garage. However, the market is full of low-quality products. So, you must be careful, because the chances of making mistakes are high.

So, if you don’t want that to happen, choose any of the options in this top 10 list.

1. NIDAYE Heavy Duty Deadlock

Its robust galvanized steel structure provides maximum resistance against high impacts and rust. Also, it’s very easy to install and adapts to all types of garage door. In addition, this product includes all fasteners required for installation.


  • Easy to install.
  • Durable and resistant.
  • Money back warranty.


  • It tends to rust in very humid environments.
  • Too fragile fasteners.

Certainly, NIDAYE Heavy Duty Deadlock will keep your garage well protected. Its solid structure doesn’t deform so easily. Therefore, thieves won’t be able to break your garage door so easily.

2. National Hardware N280-727 Side Lock

Certainly, National Hardware N280-727 Side Lock is very easy to install. You just need to place it on one side of your garage door and fix it with fasteners. Also, you only need 10 screws and a drill to get the job done.


  • Durable and resistant.
  • Easy to install.
  • Elegant design.


  • Fasteners not included.
  • Center mounting holes not included.

Certainly, National Hardware N280-727 is one of the best side locks on the market. Its robust structure resists high impacts better than other locks. Also, it fits well with small and big garage doors. In addition, it’s very easy to install.

3. Defender Security U 9847 Lock

This sliding loop lock is ideal for small patio doors. It’s also safe for children. So, you can be sure that your children won’t be able to open the patio door. It’s made of chrome plated steel for superior resistance against rust and high impacts.


  • Easy to install.
  • Safe for children.
  • Includes fasteners.


  • Fragile fasteners.
  • Not recommended for too big doors.

Certainly, Defender Security U 9847 is the best sliding loop lock for patio doors. So, if your children escape from the patio all the time, this lock will keep them safe.

4. Accessories 22 Side Lock

Certainly, Accessories 22 Side Lock is the best cheap lock for up and over garage door, offering superior resistance against deformation. In addition, it’s very cheap and easy to install. It’s also compatible with most garage doors.


  • Low price.
  • Easy to install.
  • Elegant design.


  • Fasteners not included.
  • Not the best way to lock an overhead garage door.

Certainly, Accessories 22 Side Lock is an excellent product at low cost. It’s not as stylish and sturdy as other models, but it does a good job. Also, it’s very easy to install and you don’t need fancy tools to do it.

5. Generic Garage Door Lock

This product literally turns your garage into a safe. This complete security kit includes a latch lock, fasteners and a key. The latch is also thick enough to withstand high impacts without problems. So, it’s the ideal latch lock for too big and too heavy garage doors.


  • Elegant design.
  • Easy to install.
  • Superior durability and resistance.


  • More expensive than average latch locks.
  • Too fragile fasteners.

Certainly, this product is far better than any other latch lock. And you can judge it by the thickness of its latch. Its sturdy structure can withstand high impacts, rust and high temperatures. So, you can use it for indoor and outdoor purposes. Although it’s more expensive than other similar products, its high quality is worth every penny.

6. Prime-Line GD 52118 Deadlock

Its galvanized steel structure is resistant to high impacts and rust. It also fits to all kinds of garage doors with vertical tracks. It has 10 different mounting holes to ensure greater stability and grip. Certainly, the more deadlocks you install on you garage door, the more protected it will be.


  • Durable and resistant.
  • Easy to install.
  • It fits all kinds of garage doors.


  • Fasteners not included.
  • Not recommended for too big garage doors.

Certainly Prime-Line GD 52118 Deadlock is elegant and eye-catching. Furthermore, it’s thicker than other similar products. So, it’s more resistant to high impacts and deformation. Certainly, no thief will dare to force your garage door with one of these locks.

7. Prime-Line GD 52119 Lock

Made with die cast metal to resist high impacts and high temperatures. Its modern design increases the aesthetic value of your garage door. This complete home security kit includes:

  • Latch lock with thumbturn
  • Key cylinder
  • Keys

Its metal case is covered with aluminum paint to provide an eye-catching finish and superior resistance to rust.


  • Includes installation instructions.
  • Easy to install.
  • Elegant design.


  • Too fragile product.
  • The keys tend to break very easily.

Certainly, Prime-Line GD 52119 Lock is an elegant and eye-catching product. However, it isn’t the toughest of all. So, it isn’t recommended to install it on too big and too heavy doors.

8. National Garage Door Lock

National Garage Door Lock is ideal for 2-inch thick doors. It also adds extra security to your doors to keep your home protected while you’re away. Its T-handle design makes it easier to manipulate. This product also includes all the required mounting hardware, including fasteners and brackets.


  • Includes fasteners.
  • Elegant design.
  • Chrome finish.


  • Too fragile product.
  • Difficult to install.

Certainly, National Garage Door Lock is the best T- handle lock on the market. Also, it’s easier to manipulate than regular latch locks. However, it’s a very fragile product. Its metal structure isn’t thick enough to withstand high impacts.

9. RI-KEY SECURITY – Universal Garage Door Opener Emergency Disconnect Release Key Lock Cable

This amazing product allows you to open your garage door in case your opener doesn’t work. So, it will guarantee your peace of mind during an eventual blackout. You can also install it the same way you do it with a garage door lock. It goes on the top of the garage door and releases the opener mechanism by turning the key.


  • Easy to install.
  • It allows you to open your garage door during an emergency.
  • Includes installation instructions.


  • Sometimes the opener doesn’t work.
  • Need to turn the key several times to open it

Certainly, RI-KEY Security Garage Door Opener is everything you need to open your garage door during an emergency. If the electrical service failed and your opener isn’t working properly, you certainly need this. It isn’t that easy to install, but, the instructions manual is very useful and easy to understand.

10. Generic T-Handle Garage Door Lock

Certainly, this T-handle lock is ideal for 2-inch doors. Its chrome finish provides an eye-catching appearance and superior resistance to external agents. In addition, this lock reinforces the security of every door in your house. Also, it’s very easy to install and you don’t need fancy tools to do it.


  • Includes fasteners.
  • Elegant design.
  • Chrome finish.


  • Too fragile product.
  • The keys tend to break easily.

If the safety of your garage is your biggest concern, you certainly need this. This T-handle lock allows you to open and close your garage door without trouble. However, the keys tend to break easily. So, it’s convenient to have an additional pair of keys available.

Buying Guide – Garage Door Lock

Certainly, garage door locks are necessary to keep your garage and the rest of your home protected. Thieves usually use universal remote controls to open garage doors when no one is at home. Therefore, it’s necessary to reinforce the security of your garage doors to prevent theft.

In the market, there are many types of garage door locks. However, most of them are made with low-quality materials. So, if you buy something too cheap, you’ll certainly regret it in the future. Therefore, if you want good results, choose something resistant and sturdy.

So, if it’s the first time you buy garage door locks and you don’t know how to choose the best one for you, don’t worry. In this buying guide you’ll learn everything you need to know to make the best decision.


The first thing you should consider before buying a garage door lock is the material. These locks must be made of a resistant material. And in these cases, there’s no better option than steel. Certainly, the strength of steel is far superior to that of other materials used in locks, such as aluminum, iron and brass.

So, it won’t break so easily with high impacts. Nor will it deform under high temperatures. Also, the metal must have a special coating to prevent rust. Zinc and chrome platings are certainly the best for this purpose.


Also, the metal structure of the lock must be thick enough to withstand high impacts. For example, the metal case must be at least 2-mm thick. In the case of the latch, it must be at least 3 mm thick.

So, you can easily judge the quality of certain product by measuring the thickness of its latch. If its thickness is less than 3 mm, it will probably bend with too high impacts.


The size of the lock must also match the size of the garage door. So, if your garage door is too big and too heavy, don’t buy something too small. Usually, high-quality locks cover an area of ​​5×3 inches above the garage door. So, don’t buy something smaller than this if you want to get good results.


As said before, the metal case of the lock must have a special coating. All ferrous metals tend to rust when exposed to oxygen. So, if you live in a very humid area, you’ll certainly have problems.

When metal rusts, it becomes less resistant. Also, the latch will get stuck all the time if it’s rusted. So, to prevent this problem, choose a garage door lock with a proper coating. Chrome and zinc platings provide a glossy finish and superior resistance to high impacts. Usually locks with this kind of finish are also the more expensive ones.

Aluminum paint is low-cost option. It’s not that fancy, but it certainly works. Black powder coating is also an excellent alternative. However, it tends to scratch so easily.


Certainly, not all generic products are bad. However, when you buy one, you’re at high risk. It’s better to opt for locks of a well-known brand. So, before buying, research the best brands of garage door locks. Then choose the model that you like the most.


If you have doubts about the quality of a certain product, the Internet certainly has the answers you need. There, you’ll certainly find hundreds of different reviews that will give you a clear idea about the quality of the product.

Many shopping websites have their own 5-star system to rate the quality of their products. To avoid risks, choose a product with 4 stars or more. Also check the seller’s reputation.

Some sellers often disappear when customers have complaints about the product. So, if the product is good but the seller isn’t reliable, it’s certainly better to look for other options.

If you have many questions, you can also contact other buyers to find answers. Some shopping websites have open forums. There, users share valuable information about the product.


Certainly, the price of a certain product is the main concern of buyers. Fortunately, garage door locks aren’t that expensive. However, some advanced models can top $20.

So, if you don’t want to spend too much money, you’ll certainly have to consider several different options. You can also check the factory price on the official website of the product. This will serve as a reference to compare with other prices.

Then, visit physical stores and shopping websites to compare. In these cases, it isn’t convenient to choose the cheapest option. So, it’s better to determine the average value of the different prices and choose the option closest to such value.

Garage Door Lock FAQs

If you haven’t found the answer to your questions after reading this article, don’t worry. This FAQs section can certainly help you with that.

Q1. Which is the best material for garage door locks?

Answer: Chromed steel is by far the best material for garage door locks. It provides superior resistance and a glossy and elegant finish.

Q2. How do garage door locks work?

Answer: Usually these devices use a latch to lock the garage door. After turning a thumbturn or a key, the latch protrudes the case and inserts into the vertical track.

Q3. How do you lock a garage door?

Answer: To lock a garage door you first need to install a garage door lock. Once installed, push the latch to insert it into the vertical track.

Q4. What is best lock for front door and garage door leading to house?

Answer: Certainly latch locks are best for garage doors.

Final Verdict

Certainly, you need to install garage door locks to prevent thieves from entering your home. So, if there are many valuable possessions in your garage, make it as soon as possible. Before buying, personally check the quality of the product. Also, make sure to choose an appropriate size for your lock that matches the size of your garage door.

Certainly, if you follow each of the tips in this article, you’ll find the right garage door lock for you.

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