Top 5 Ghost Controls Gate Opener Reviews

Love to enter your home easily? Then read these top 5 Ghost Controls gate opener reviews. You will know the rest how can you do it. So, keep reading to reveal magic.

Opening and closing the gates of your property by hand is an exhausting task. Certainly, things would be much easier if you install a best automatic gate opener. These devices are also quiet, durable and resistant to external agents. They also let you operate your driveway gate from a long distance.

In this buying guide, you’ll find some valuable tips to learn how to choose the best gate opener system for your gate. In addition, you’ll find a top 5 gate opener systems from the renown brand Ghost Controls.

Benefits & Common Features

Installing a new automatic gate opener kit in your property gives you many benefits (Example: open and close the gate without get down from the car). Below, you’ll find a list with some of more features:

  • Easy home access
  • Let you operate your gate remotely
  • Have long lasting warranties
  • Don’t require too much maintenance
  • Resistant to UV rays, humidity and temperature changes

In the current market, you can find a wide variety of models of gate opener systems. However, most of them have these basic features in common:

  • Powered by DC or AC
  • Need a 12-V backup battery to work
  • Compatible with solar panels
  • Controlled by remote control transmitter
  • 1-2 Years of warranty

Top 5 Ghost Controls Gate Opener Reviews

By far, Ghost Controls is one of the best brands of gate openers on the current market. The quality of their products is also outstanding. However, if you’re looking for the best of the best, choose anyone from the below list.

#1. Ghost Controls TSS1XP Single Automatic Gate Opener Kit

This TSS1 single best automatic opener is perfect for small tubular gates with a maximum length of 20 feet ft. It’s also quite easy to install and the instructions are so simple and easy to understand. In addition, the mounting brackets make the installation process simpler so you don’t have to drill or cut the gate tubes.


  • Suitable for 20-feet single gates up to 900 pounds
  • Remote control range: 1000 feet
  • It is solar powered gate, so, 10w solar panel is included
  • Lifetime warranty for motor and gear assembly
  • Easy installation process of this driveway gate
  • No doubt it is a best gate as a heavy duty solar single automatic gate

Above all, Ghost Controls TSS1XP is a reliable gate opener system that will never let you down. It also keeps working even in the harshest weather conditions. Its backup battery also guarantees uninterrupted operation in case of blackout. Above all, our number-one pick. No doubt, this ghost gate opener is one of the high quality best gate operator on the market that you can rely.

#2. Ghost Controls TDS2XP Dual Gate Opener Kit

This dual gate opener can move dual gates up to 24 feet in length. It also includes mounting brackets, a 10-watt solar panel and 2 ghost remote controls. In addition, each control is also capable of controlling two different gates. Moreover, all the parts of this dual swing gate are covered by an 18-month warranty that you can also extend to 24 months by registering the product online.

And make sure this electric gate is a heavy duty solar and one of the best dual gate opener. Actually TDS2XP is really a good automatic gate opener system that you can rely. Yes, it is also a solar gate opener.


  • Easy installation guideline
  • Suitable for 24-feet dual swing gates
  • Remote control range: 1000 feet
  • 10-Watt solar panel included
  • Lifetime warranty for motor and gear assembly
  • Extendible 18-month warranty for the rest of the parts

Ghost Controls TDS2XP is powerful, reliable and easy to install. It doesn’t need too much maintenance and can withstand rain, snow and sunrays. In addition, it offers a long lasting warranty that guarantees your peace of mind during the first two years of use. We ensure you this is the best dual automatic gate opener on the current market.

#3. Ghost Controls DTP1 Gate Opener Kit

Ghost Controls DTP1 is suitable for decorative swinging gates of 20 feet up to length, and 1000 lbs weight. This best automatic gate kit also includes a practical battery box that prevents that lead-acid leaks affect the electronic components of the control box. A 12-volt battery is also included with this gate operator. So, after getting delivery this duty single gate operator and see battery not included, just inform them. This automatic gate system is very nice, high quality, AC power, heavy duty single gate kit.


  • Simple and easy installation process
  • Suitable for 20-feet single decorative gates
  • Remote control range: 1000 feet
  • Lifetime warranty for motor and gear assembly
  • Includes battery box, 12-volt battery, control box and remote control

Ghost Controls DTP1 is perfect for those heavy forged steel gates that are very common in luxurious properties. This opener is also similar to the TSS1XP model. However, this one fits to a wider variety of gates. In addition, its motor is slightly more powerful.

#4. Ghost Controls DEP2 Gate Opener Kit

Ghost Controls DEP2 is the heavy duty dual and high quality solar powered ghost gate version of the DTP1. It’s also perfect for 20-feet decorative gates with a maximum weight of 1000 lbs. DEP2 gate system also comes with a powerful remote control that always responds in the most adverse conditions. With the push of a button, you can open and close the gate from a maximum distance of 1000 feet. So, this ghost dual gate opening and closing is very easy. That is why, this automatic gate opener is one of the another beast that anyone loves.


  • Easy Installation manual included
  • Suitable for 20-feet dual decorative gates
  • Remote control range: 1000 feet
  • Lifetime warranty for motor and gear assembly
  • Includes battery box, 12-volt battery, control box and remote control

Undoubtedly, Ghost Controls DEP2 is powerful and quiet. It also moves smoothly, even at maximum weight capacity. It also opens your gate quickly so you don’t have to wait too long inside your car. In addition, it closes so gently, preventing damage to your gate and posts.

#5. Ghost Controls TDS2 Gate Opener Kit

Ghost Controls TDS2 is specially designed for 20-feet swinging gates with a maximum weight of 300 lbs. It’s also compatible with decorative, chain link, tubular and plantation gates. All the parts are also covered by an extendible 18-month warranty. This kit also includes mounting brackets, control box and a pair of remote controls.


  • Suitable for 20-feet dual swinging gates up to 300 lbs
  • Remote control range: 1000 ft
  • Lifetime warranty for motor and gear assembly
  • Includes control box and two remote controls

If your gate isn’t too heavy and your budget is short, this is certainly the perfect buying choice for you. Ghost Controls TDS2 is also durable, reliable and easy to install. In addition, it has a long lasting warranty that covers all the essential parts of the system. Certainly, this product gives you more for the money.

Buying Guide

Below, you’ll find a list with some valuable tips you need to consider before buying a new automatic gate opener.

Opener Power

All gate openers have a maximum load capacity. Therefore, it’s also convenient to know the total weight of your gate before buying a new opener. You can also calculate the weight of your gate by first knowing the total amount of materials used to build it.

For example, you can measure the total meters of metal tube used on the gate. Then, multiply those meters by the weight per meter of that specific tube.


Gate openers are also permanently exposed to external agents. Therefore, they’re also highly prone to damage. In this case, it’s also convenient to choose an opener model with a long lasting warranty. Usually, problems with gate openers start to happen after the first year of use. Therefore, always opt for openers with more than a single year of warranty.

The motor is also the most expensive part on any gate opener. Because of that, you should look for a lifetime warranty that covers the motor and other delicate parts.

Installation Kit

Before buying, also verify the installation kit includes all the necessary elements to put your opener to work from the first day. Therefore, make sure the power transformer, the battery and the solar panel are also included. Without these essential elements, the gate opener is also useless.

In addition, buying each part separately may be more expensive than buying a single kit with all the required elements.

If you see battery not included with your solar powered automatic gate opener kit, just call them. They will send it as early as possible.


Below, you’ll find a list with some frequently asked questions about gate openers and their answers:

Q1. Can I install a gate opener without a battery?

Yes. The control box should be connected to an AC power source. However, without a backup battery, the gate opener will be useless in case of blackout.

Q2. What is the average service life of an automatic gate opener?

The usual service life of an automatic gate opener is 10 years, also including 1-2 repairs during that time.

Q3. Can I open a gate with a smartphone?

Yes. Some openers have their own apps that let you operate the gate with a smartphone.

Q4. Can I open a gate manually if the opener doesn’t work?

Yes. Most openers come with a special key that lets you release the gate so you can open it manually.

Q5. How much electric power consumes a gate opener?

In general, most electric gate openers consume up to 100 watts per day.

Q6. Who makes the best gate opener?

Lots of renown brands available on the market who makes automatic gate opener. Example: Ghost Control, Mighty Mule etc.

Q7. What is Ghost Controls?

Ghost Controls is a brand name. It is a company who makes several types of home tools, accessories, gadgets etc.

Q8. How do you program the ghost gate opener?

It is not a hard task. Totally depends on you. However, we already discussed about the programing system. Hope you already read it.

Q9. Are Mighty Mule gate openers any good?

Mighty Mule is another big giant company who makes gate opener and related home products. As it is also a renown company, some people loves the Mighty Mule automatic gate openers too. Its is very simple as it is. You can learn more: Mighty Mule gate opener.

Final Verdict

Certainly, you don’t need to be an expert on gate openers to make a wise decision. You just have to consider all the valuable tips you can find on this article. Always remember that you need to know the weight of your gate before making any decision.

If you don’t know how to calculate it, call the support center from where you want to buy it.

Remember, there is no easy way to open and close the gate without an automatic gate opener. So, you should buy any of them.


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