Learn About Different Types of Gate Hinges

Gate hinges are strategic pieces of hardware that connect gates to posts and make the gate work to open and close. There is a wide range of gates designs. Likewise, there are different types of gate hinges.

All of them were designed thinking of the size, weight, material, and use of the gate. It makes it easier for you to find this ideal piece of hardware.

In addition, Gate hinges may become part of the style of the gate or add high functionality and security to it. Some gate hinges may even add all those features with hybrid models. Whether you are installing gate hinges for the first time or want to replace an old pair of them, it is a good idea that you take a look at this post. You will be able to learn enough about the several types of gate hinges to choose the best option.

Heavy Duty

There are many heavy-duty gates around and the best options for them are the Bolt-on and the Weld-on Hinges. The Bolt-on model can easily resist up to 1,000 Lbs and the Weld-on model up to 2,000 Lbs. Both exterior door hinges types are recommended for commercial and industrial gates. Also, for other duties such as fire doors, prison gates, and similar. Due to their resistance and durability, these hinges result very cost-efficient. They may last for many years without having to change them.

Swings Options

There are 2 types of swinging gates depending on the direction they swing. Firstly, when they swing in only one way, the best option are the Spring Acting hinges (single acting). These types of hinges for gates are also known as self-closing hinges. This is because they are designed to close a gate automatically. All these hinges are available for different sizes of gates.

Secondly, when the gates swing in both directions, the double acting Spring hinges are the best choice. These types of hinges are also available for heavy duty gates.

In the same vein, you can also use Pintle hinges. They are also available for gates that swing in one or both directions. Some of these different types of door hinges are designed for arched top gates. In any case, when selecting pintle hinges, you will have to verify if your gate is right or left handed.


Hybrid models of types of gates hinges are abundant. In addition, it is possible to add two types of   hinges to the same gate to create different effects or maximize its functionality.  One of the most popular combinations consists of using butt hinges and dummy straps. In this case, the but hinges do not have to mortise. After that, straps are installed to offer a new look.

Although some of these types of gate hinges are by manufacturers, you can also take advantage of different models and add them to your gate.

Adjustable Hinges

In the last years, adjustable hinges started to become very popular. At first, they seemed to be very convenient for industrial use.  Natural conditions and repeated use frequently made that some gates had adjustments problems. Consequently, adjustable hinges were a great solution.

But little by little, residential and domestic gates customers´ also started to pay attention to them and now are also a popular choice among many of them. These different gate hinges types just need a little and easy adjustment here and there to level your gate.

Notice that adjustable hinges may come in many models, including those mentioned above. For instance, there are self-closing adjustable hinges or butt adjustable hinges. However, you must be aware that different brands have different adjustable technology. Therefore, when you want to choose these gate hinges types, you must pay attention to how it works. In short, when you learn about different gate hinges, you quickly realize that you have options for every type of gate you want to install.


Even more, some of them can be easily installed in several gates and DIY. Others, for heavy duty gates would probably need professionals to handle them. However, they all have in common that just need a different size, different material, and different decorative elements to adapt it to your space.

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