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A gate handle is an important part of a gate. But when its a part of beautification, or must one, then you should read these best gate handle reviews article; including the buying guide.

But the problem is, you don’t know how can it be possible, right? Don’t worry, we are here, the Homincks research team to give you the release from this hassle. Follow our instructions, you will be able to purchase the perfect one from the market.

So lets go we check out the list.

5 Top Gate Handle Reviews

These best gate handle reviews focus purely on electric fence gate handles anchor and the like. After all, if you have a gate, you need some way in which it can be opened.

Our editor panel carefully selected these gate handles based upon specific criteria including:

  • Looks
  • Functionality
  • Build quality
  • Price

All the gate handles and latches found in this section have been built to last, and they look good to boot. Whether they are included on an outdoor fence gate door knob in an area with constant exposure to the elements. Or somewhere a bit more sheltered. So, they have all been built to perform. They come in at a variety of different price points too, so no matter what budget a person has, they should be able to find what they need here. Remember, gate with door knob is a best solution.

1. Rustic Barn Door Grab Handle Pull

Not a handle which is easily going to fit in with every property. These are pure decorative gate handles for those people who want to add a touch of rustic charm to their exterior. So, exterior gate door handles are best and you can rely on these handles without doubt.

However, don’t worry, they still work incredibly well as a handle. They are easy to pull and feel great in hands with these duty pull handles. Because heavy duty handles pulls are great for a strong gate.

The company behind these handles are so confident that they are going to last, they have happily included a lifetime guarantee on them. If they crack at all when owned, the customer can swap them over for a new set quickly and easily. However, the chances of them breaking are virtually nil.


  • Beautifully detailed
  • Feels great in hands
  • Solidly built


  • Touch too ornate to work as fence gate handles

For decorative gate hardware, it would be a struggle to find something as beautiful as this piece. Probably not ideal for fence gates, but for everything else this would be perfect.

2. Industrial By Design – Barn Door Handle – Includes Four Installation Screws

Somewhat of a simplistic handle here, but it does look good. If a person is more looking for modern gate handles with a slightly rustic charm, then this one may be right up their street. The matte black design gives this gate handle somewhat more of an ‘industrial feel’, which will ensure that it feels right at home in more modern properties.

Installation of this gate handle is a breeze. Four screws are included in the package. Just screw it onto the gate and it is done. No messing about.

The steel of this barn door handle is tough, but the real highlight is the durable black spray coating. This ensures that the gate handle is easily protected from the elements. It can withstand even the strongest of storms and coldest of temperatures.


  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Easily fits in with any décor
  • Able to withstand the elements


  • Not ideal for smaller doors
  • Too simplistic for some

It is simplistic in style, but it is also incredibly cheap. A worthwhile purchase for somebody that needs ‘rough and ready’ gate hardware.

3. National Hardware V171 6-1/2 Inch Pulls in Black

Perhaps the cheapest piece of gate hardware found on this page, although that does not make it any less good. This is a strong and sturdy handle for not a whole lot of money.

It is also easy to install. If a person has a drill and a screwdriver, they could have this plugged onto their gate in no more than a few minutes.


  • Simple design
  • Easy to install
  • Cold-press steel is solid


  • Doesn’t look good

If a person just wants a cheap gate handle to tide them over until they find something better, then this one would be the perfect option.

4. Iron Valley – 6-1/2″ Utility Door Pull – Grab Handle – Solid Cast Iron

This gate handle is tough. It is double as thick as an average handle, which means that it is able to stand up to quite a bit of tough weather. The rustic finish means that it should be perfect for any home which is opting for a more traditional design, although there is just enough pizzazz to make it perfect for modern properties too. And the positive thing is cast iron gate parts are easy available. So, it will be good decision to buy any cast iron gate handle. And it is almost similar of wrought iron gate door handle.


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Looks fantastic


  • Only really for rustic properties
  • Touch too small for larger gates

This Iron Valley Utility door pull is perfect for rustic properties, although it may be a bit lacking for the larger gates. If a person has a smaller gate on their property, one of these should be fine, though. Because wrought iron gate handles are best to adjust with gate and latches.

5. Boerboel Gate Handle 73014320 Black

It is always nice to see a company that is confident with the products that they produce. This Boerboel gate handle is testament to that. The purchaser of this handle will be able to enjoy a lifetime warranty, something which is virtually unheard of in the gate hardware industry. Quick and easy to install, this handle is perfect for both wooden and vinyl gates. And wood fence gate handles are beautiful. So, you can buy any vinyl fence gate handle too.


  • Multi purpose
  • Can be installed on both large and small gates
  • Easy to install


  • Does not look ‘brilliant’.

What this handle lacks in looks, in more than makes up for when it comes to functionality. A ‘must purchase’ for anybody that needs a basic, affordable gate handle.

Buying Guide

You should buy your gate handles with beautiful design & strength of capacity. So here, we are going to show you, how you can choose the perfect design and strength gate handle and latch easily within a short time.

You should buy your gate handles with beautiful design & strength of capacity. So here, we are going to show you, how you can choose the perfect design and strength thumb latch gate handle easily within a short time.


A gate handle is commonly manufactured in metal. Usually black metal door handles are most popular. But Some of the most popular materials include iron, stainless steel, and aluminum. Most of the antique gates and doors made by metal or wood. Because, plastic is a sign of modern era.

You must remember that the handle will hold the gate every time you pull it and it will be permanently installed on it. Therefore, it has to be a very resistant material. Fortunately, as they are manufactured in metal, most of them are very resistant.

However, keep in mind that if the gate is for industrial or commercial use the gate handles should be manufactured with the strongest materials. In this sense, many gate handles can be also found with a combination of materials which make them very resistant too.


The reason to check the weight of the gate handle is the material of the gate itself. If the gate is lightweight the gate handle shouldn’t be too heavy. And heavy duty gate handles are perfect for gate security. On the other hand, if the gate is big and heavy, the handle should be heavy and strong enough. So, it can be able to hold the walk in door handle properly when you pull the gate handle.


A gate handle usually has a simple design. However, the finishes, colors, sizes, and styles make a difference when it comes to design. Modern and contemporary styles are frequently found in stainless steel. So, some people loves the stainless steel gate handle.

On the other hand, colonial and classic styles are commonly found in iron or more rustic materials.

In addition to the style, it is important that you consider how easy and comfortable it is to grab the handle. It should not be too width as your hand should be able to easily grab it. Moreover, the finish should not interfere as it must be soft and reliable. Avoid crispy finishes that might hurt somebody’s skin.

Easy Installation

A gate handle is a simple piece that is usually easy to install. All you need are the screws. In addition, you have to be sure it has the proper measures that fit your gate. This measure is what makes the difference. It is an ideal DIY project as you don´t need any help to install it. After completing the installation, it is very important that you confirm the screws are tight enough. This is because the handle will be frequently pulled to open and close the door. So, as you see, electric fence gate handle installation is not too much tough.


Initially, a gate handle is manufactured to work as a tool to pull a gate. However, it can also include a lock as part of its mechanism. You can find some models that include such locks and it can help you save some money. In addition, it can be practical that you incorporate such lock as you would only require one installation process for it.

If you decide to go for a gate handle with a lock, make sure you select a strong material that guarantees it can resist both functions easily.

Best Brands of Gate Handle

Here are some best brands of gate handle. If you buy any gate handle for your gate, you can buy any of these brands. Remember, some gate brands are cheap and some are pricy. Example: Toyota 4runner lift gate handle.


This brand is mainly focused on locks and is widely recognized for the high-quality of its products. Therefore, this is the perfect match if you are looking for a gate handle with a lock. They also provide excellent materials to guarantee the highest security. They present them as handle sets as they also include a handle along with a lock system. And yes, gate handle with lock system is another good thing.

Adonai Hardware

This an Indian leading brand in hardware for home and offices. Besides the high-quality of their products, they stand out for the innovative designs. For gate and door hardware they offer the most popular materials such as iron, brass, stainless steel, bronze, and aluminum. In addition, they include an acrylic line that is suitable for lighter gates. It is not uncommon that they have started to export their products to the UK, USA, and EU with great success.

Safetech Hardware

SafeTech provides hardware for many types and materials of gates. The gate handles of this brand combine functionality and style for a fair price at its best. In addition to the stylish design with curbs, they also offer great clearance for your hand that makes it pain-free. Either installers and end users feel highly satisfied with this product.

Lowe Hardware

The combination of experience of yachting and architectural hardware has made this brand to create exceptional pieces of gate handle. They are mainly focused on modern and contemporary designs with the possibility to choose among 22 standard finishes.  In addition, you can customize any piece to match your special requirements.  Quality and creativity all together at its best.

Gate Handle FAQ’s

Here are some common issues about gate handle. If you like to know in details in short way, you can learn from here.

Q1. Do pool gates need gate handles?

Answer: Although many pool gates are self-closing it is still convenient to add a gate handle to ease the closing/opening process.

Q2. Can I install gate handles on my own?

Answer: Yes, you can easily install them on your own. In fact, it is an excellent DIY project.

Q3. How many screws should I use to install the gate handle?

Answer: It depends on the model and design of the gate handle. However, most of them come with 4 screws.

Q4. Which is the best finish for gate handles?

Answer: , there is no difference between one finish or another. What really matters are the material and the design. You can choose the finish according to your own taste.

Q5. How do I carry out the maintenance of my gate handle?

Answer: You only need to keep it clean by using a cloth and cleaning products. You can also check what cleaning products are recommended by the fabricants.

Q6. What is a fair price for a gate handle?

Answer: A fair price will depend on the quality and material of the handle. However, you can find excellent products within your budget price. Even its cost less than $10.

Q7. Can I replace my gate handle with a different model?

Answer: Yes, you can. Just check that you compare the measures or make the necessary adjustments in your gate. And gate valve handle replacement is mandatory when you will replace your gate handle. So, gate valve handle extension will works perfectly. Sometimes gate valve replacement handle may break easily. So, be careful when you will replace it.

Q8. Where can I find proper instructions to install gate handles?

Answer: Many fabricants offer proper instruction in written or in a video.

Verdict Line

If you are really interested to purchase perfect gate handles, you should follow our instructions. You can rely on our selection as we are an expert of gate hardware.

As we know the market situation, we update the list frequently. So, don’t worry about the list products. Just rely on us and go ahead.

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