The Best List of Gate Hardware Kits

Gate hardware kits are abundant. This is exactly what makes a little difficult to find the perfect match for your decor. However, it is also an opportunity to hunt around and find the best prices, designs, and materials. This is to say that when you are able to find those 3 features in gate hardware kits, you hit the best possible list.

In order to help you find them, we prepared a list with 5 of the best gate hardware kits which share in common the best prices, designs, and materials. You can pick one of them or use it as a guide to select the best for you.

1. Wood Gate hinges and Latch – Hammered Bronze Finish

It is not hard to discover why this kit is one the best. First of all, it includes matched hinges and latch that will let your decor look in perfect harmony. Secondly, its bronze finish makes ideal for the colonial style but it is also contemporary enough to match a more modern design.


  • Ultra-resistant as manufactured with bronze powder coated zinc plated steel
  • Ready and easy to install with screws included
  • After installing it you can open the gate from both sides


  • You must check its dimensions to make sure it fits your gate

2. Magnetic Decorative Garage Door Curb Appeal Faux Hinges Handles

If you are ready to upgrade the look of the gate of your garage then this kit is for you. It includes 4 hinges and handles. In addition, they are easily installed with magnets. As a result, you can play with its location over and over again until you are fully satisfied because it doesn´t need screws or holes.


  • Manufactured with ABS plastic with rust iron finish and RSF coating to protect it for many years
  • It allows the gate to work perfectly after installing them
  • Great look and style


  • Mostly suitable for metal gates/doors as they use magnets to hold on the gate

3. Ghost Controls TSS1XP Heavy-Duty Solar single Automatic Gate Opener Kit

There are not valid reasons for not enjoying all the advantages that an automatic gate opener offers. This mounting Do-It-Yourself (DIY) model is the best example of it. It is ideal for any swing-gate up to 20ft.  Moreover, its function is guaranteed with a 10W solar panel. Therefore, it does not require welding or high-voltage electrical connections.


  • Easy to install with all additional hardware and fasteners included
  • Lifetime warranty on motor and gear assembly and 18 months for remaining parts
  • Suitable for tubular, decorative, ornamental, chain link, and plantation gates


  • The required 12V battery is not included
  • It is not recommended for solid panel gates

4. Lizano V171 Pulls in Black

This a simple piece of hardware but a very useful one. You can install it on the barn gate, garage gate, fence gate, and more. Its large size allows better hand clearance. Moreover, it is easy to install with all its screws included.


  • Manufactured with 1mm thickness of high-quality cold-rolled steel
  • Vintage style design
  • It is surface mounted and it is not necessary to pre-drill
  • You can buy 1 individually packed, 2 packed, or 4 packed


  • Measures can be too big for some gates
  • Only available in black color

5. Flip Latch Lock Heavy Duty Safety with Padlock Hole

This latch lock takes you to a whole new level of security. To clarify, you can use individually as the main gate lock or as a complement to reinforce the security.

In addition, it offers a double security mechanism with a sliced bolt and padlock hole. Despite being a heavy-duty it is still ideal for indoor use and home decoration. This is because it is built with ultra-thick stainless steel that resists up to 200 Lbs. force.


  • It offers 5 years warranty
  • It is toddler proof as it can be installed out of reach of children
  • So it is easy to install and include the screws


  • It could be too small for some types of gates

Now that you already know the top 5 gate hardware kits, you are fully armed to select the best for you. To sum up, you need to find the best price, quality, and design to be able to get the perfect gate hardware kit for your home, office, barn, or any other place.

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